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How to Download a DRM Video

Some video sharing websites like Hulu usually provide their users DRM videos with the purpose of controlling or limiting illegal distribution of media content. This kind of DRM videos usually can't be renamed, copied or transcoded into a different format easily. But it's possible for you to download and open a DRM video.

This article here teaches you how to 100 successfully download a DRM video from video sharing websites including iTunes store. There maybe two possible situations. One is that the DRM video provides you download service, the other is the opposite.

Case one:

In this situation, there is a hyperlink for you to directly download DRM video from the website. Below are the detailed steps.

1. Open the site with the DRM video you want in your web browser.

2. Right-click the video hyperlink to pop up a menu, where you need to select "Save Target As". When a file download window appears, you can give it a saving folder and name it, then click "Save". After the DRM video download is finished, open the DRM video in a media player that can recognize the file format.

Note: The downloaded DRM video is in its original video format. If your media player fails to play it, you can use a DRM removal like DRM removal application to remove its DRM protection and convert it to a preferred video format for the media player. Another great advantage is that you can reuse, enjoy or share it at will once its DRM protection is removed by DRM Media Converter.

Download DRM Media Converter

Case two:

What should you do if the websites don't provide their users video download service? Give up to gain it? Don't do that. There are a lot of good-quality video recorders in the market, which can help you record any online video.

Video Converter Ultimate is all-in-one application that combines seven features like DRM Removal, Video Converter, and Screen Recorder etc. The reason why I strongly recommend to you is this app has the ability to record online videos with the original video quality.

Download Video Converter Ultimate

1. Download and install this app, then run it.

download DRM

2. Open one online DRM video in the browser. When the DRM video start to play, you can click Start > All Programs > Aimersoft > Video Converter Ultimate and launch Aimersoft Video Recorder to record the playing video. This app provides you two methods to record videos: Select recording area and Auto record. Just choose any one to let this app do the rest thing for you.

When the playback is over, the recording is also finished. In this way, you can gain any online video you want.

Below is a video tutorial on how to download a DRM video:

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