Understanding more about subtitles makes it easier for users and video fanatics to add or create their own transcript or text for use with their favorite films or home videos. This article discusses everything you need to know about subtitles. Read on to learn more about how to manipulate subtitles to fit your purpose.

Part 1. Where to get and how to download and embed video subtitles

If the video, movie, or TV show you obtained doesn't have a subtitle yet, there are different ways to go about it. You may easily find, download, or create the subtitles you need with the use of the right tools.

1.1 Searching for subtitles

The subtitle of movie files and TV shows stored on a DVD disc are usually found in one of its file folders. They are generally easy to locate, as the folders are usually labeled Subtitle or Languages. Inside it are the different dialects or languages that the movie was translated in. You can extract the files from this folder and use it for whatever purpose. Or you may simply look for subtitle files online.

1.2 Download subtitles

If none of the folders in the DVD failed to include the subtitles you are looking for, then try to download the file from the internet instead. Subtitles may be obtained from a few specialized websites. Additionally, there are different tools that you can used for this purpose and these are:

  • AutoSubtitle Extension for VLC - A VLC extension that will automatically find subtitles over the internet for you
  • Handbrake - A video editing tool that can be used to embed subtitles to a movie or video
  • Filebot - A software that can automatically search for subtitles and automatically add them to the corresponding movie folder in your library.

1.2.1 Top 5 websites to download subtitles for movies or TV shows

You will have higher chances of finding the subtitles that you need from the following websites:

download subtitles


Open Subtitles provides numerous subtitles for movies and TV shows in multiple language. This subtitle website is considered as one of the biggest open subtitles database.

download subtitles for movies


Subscene is one of the most popular movie and TV shows downloading site. With more the 400 thousand subtitles in 50+ languages and the search function provided. It is easy to find the subtitles you need. Besides, you can upload and share TV subtitles and rate subtitles. Just remember to enable JavaScript when uploading of downloading subtitles.

download movie subtitles


Subtitlesbox provides DivX subtitles for your favorite movies. You can search the subtitle for your movie or TV series. The same as other subtitle downloading websites, multi-language is supported. You can also upload subtitles after registering.

download movie subtitles


DivX Subtitles provides subtitles downloading for DivX, DVD and HDTV. Use the search function to quickly find the subtitles you need. To upload and share subtitles, you need to register, which is the same as Anysubs.

download movie subtitles


MovieSubtitles provides hundreds of thousands subtitles for popular movies and TV films for you to download. Subtitles are also available in many languages. Use the search box to find the desired subtitles fast.

1.2.2 How to download subtitles

It is fairly easy to download subtitles these days. Simply visit any one of the websites listed above and search for the file you need. To do that, just type the movie or the TV show’s episode title on the search bar provided. If there is a subtitle file for that movie available from the site, there will be options as to which language or file format you’ll download. Some sites will offer all available selections in one easy download.

Once you have the file on your computer, simply save it in the same place where the movie files are located. If the subtitle file is compatible with the media player, it will automatically play it with the video.

edit subtitles

1.3 Hardcore subtitles

Hardcore subtitles are subtitles that are permanently encoded into the movie, TV show, or video file. There are software, programs, and applications that can help you perform this particular task. One of the best software available in the market today is the Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate.

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate also has editing functions that will allow users to add subtitles into the movie or TV show that you’re viewing. Simply open the video file using the program and then click on the Edit Tool. On the program window, look for a tab labeled Subtitle. It is placed along with Trim, Adjust, Effect, and Watermark. Click on it and then browse through the subtitle file saved on your computer. If you haven’t downloaded the file yet, you can simply click on the Search Subtitle button on the same page and the software will automatically do the looking for you. Users can also adjust the transparency of the text as it appears on the screen from the same window. Read more about how to add subtitles to DVD >>

1.4 How to create subtitles

If an intensive online search for subtitles proved to be futile, users may opt to create their own. Start by making an audio transcript of the movie or the TV show that you like to add a subtitle to. You can do that by watching the film in its entirely, listening closely to the dialogues, and jotting them down. Once you have the transcript, you can use the following top-rated tools to create the subtitles for the video:

  • Subcreator - Allows creation of subtitles from scratch
  • InqScribe - An easy-to-use software for transcribing and creating subtitles
  • Aegisub - A free, cross-platform software used for creating subtitles

1.4.1 Join subtitles

For your specific requirements of joining or merging two or more subtitle files together, the tools below can be used instead. Each software may also have the capability of synchronizing the files to the video.

1.4.2 Edit subtitles

In cases wherein you want to edit the subtitle that is already embedded in the video, you may use the tools below. These programs work best for erroneous and unsynchronized subtitle entries.

edit subtitles

1.4.3 Convert subtitles

If the subtitle file format you have downloaded doesn’t match what your media player recognizes, the following software can be used to convert them into the right file type.

  • SubC - A simply program that can convert subtitle files into one format to another
  • - An online tool that converts, divide, merge, expand, and narrow subtitles
  • Easy Subtitle Converter - Can read almost all subtitle formats and convert them as necessary

1.5 Add or embed subtitles

To easily add or embed a subtitle into any movie, TV show, music video, or home video, a powerful tool like the Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate can be used. Using it is fairly straight forward. Simply have the subtitle file ready on your computer to start the process. Open the video file to edit using the Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate software. Through the program’s editing tool, proceed to add or embed the subtitles to your video. To do that, click on the Subtitle tab and browse to the correct file on your computer. Once you select OK and are finished editing the file, the changes in the film’s subtitle will take effect.

edit subtitles

If in any case that the subtitle file isn’t available on your computer yet, simply click on the Search Subtitle button and the software will help you in finding and downloading the correct file. Just make sure that you are fully connected to the internet when you do this.

For more detailed guidance on adding subtitles to videos and movies, read the articles below:

Part 2. How to play, remove or sync subtitle timing

There are many reasons why you have to adjust the subtitle embedded in a video file. But more often than not, it is because of poor synchronization. If you want help in doing this, there are many tools and software today that you can possibly use.

2.1 Remove, extract and delete subtitles

For cases when you want to remove, extract, or delete subtitles, the best software to use is the Aimersoft DVD Ripper. The Aimersoft DVD Ripper can practically do the same things that the Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate can do. It comes with the same video editing tool that can trim and crop scenes from the movie, as well add special effects, watermarks, and subtitles to it. The process on how to use it is generally the same as well. However, it has got added features that will also allow users to delete, remove, and extract existing subtitles in the video clip, TV show, or movie file. Simply click on the buttons designated for the task you want performed and you’ll be all set.

movie subtitles

edit subtitles

2.2 How to play subtitles

Technically speaking, subtitles will automatically play as you play the video, for as long as its format matches that of the media player you are using. However, some players require the subtitle feature to be activated to first for a seamless playback. To make sure of that detail, follow the steps below for the most common media players:

  • Windows Media Player - Right click on the video preview window and select ‘Lyrics, Captions, and Subtitles’. Then select ‘On if available’.
  • QuickTime Player - Click on ‘View’ from the player taskbar and select ‘Subtitles’. It should say ‘On’.
  • VLC - Click on ‘Video’ then ‘Subtitles Track’. Make sure that ‘Disable’ is not ticked.

2.3 Sync and adjust subtitles

Synching or adjusting subtitles is a very common task among video editors. Fortunately, the VLC media player comes with a special feature under its Adjustments and Effects Tools wherein users can change the subtitle speed as well as the value of the Subtitle Track Synchronization. The Subtitles Duration Factor may be adjusted as well. If you are using a different kind of media player, you may use the following software to make the necessary adjustments:

Part 3. Different subtitles types

Subtitles or captioning are the words, phrases, or sentences that are shown at the bottom of a movie, TV show, video games, and other video clips. Oftentimes, they are derived from the screenplay or the transcript of the video. At times, video creators add them for effect or for the sake of imparting more information about the clip.

3.1 Movie and TV show subtitles

There are two major types of subtitles and they are the movie subtitles and the TV show subtitles. However, the lyrics found in music videos and the on-screen instructions found in several game titles are considered as subtitles as well. Movie subtitles mostly depict the dialog of the characters in the film. The best source of it is the movie screenplay. The film’s manuscript will be typed in a special software and then saved in a compatible format. Then it will be embedded in the video to give viewers a better experience when watching it.

The subtitles for TV shows work in fairly the same manner, especially in a drama series. However, it may cater to not just dialogs, but also the commentaries of the hosts and guests of the particular TV show. In many cases, they are added to help viewers who are having difficulty in hearing. The subtitles will help them understand and appreciate the show better.

movie subtitles

subtitle languages

3.2 Subtitle languages

Movies and TV shows that are set for international release require subtitles for the benefit of their foreign viewers. English subtitles are usually the most common kind, although many filmmakers also translate the screenplay or the transcript of their movie into multiple languages such as Spanish, Korean, Farsi, Persian, and many others.

For example, English films are usually released with both English and Spanish subtitles. Korean movies and TV shows, on the other hand, mostly have English subtitles on its cover. The same goes for foreign films that are dubbed in a language other than English.

3.3 Subtitle formats

The subtitles for TV shows work in fairly the same manner, especially in a drama series. However, it may cater to not just dialogs, but also the commentaries of the hosts and guests of the particular TV show. In many cases, they are added to help viewers who are having difficulty in hearing. The subtitles will help them understand and appreciate the show better.

  • SSA - SubStation Alpha, text format
  • ASS - Advanced SubStation Alpha, text format
  • SMI - SAMI, html format
  • SRT - SubRip, text format
  • SUB - SubViewer, text format
  • LRC - Used for song lyrics, text format
  • SST - Used for video games
  • TXT - Regular text files used for subtitles
  • XSS - a Microsoft Visual Studio data file
  • PSB - PowerDivX, text format
  • SSB - Text archive file

subtitles format

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