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Top 5 Video Sites Like YouTube

Though YouTube is regarded as the most well-known video sharing site all over the world, it has its shortcomings and sometimes you cannot have access to it. Fortunately, there are still many other sites available which you can upload your videos as well as enjoy a variety of videos other than YouTube. Here, the top 5 sites similar to YouTube are shown to you below.

1 Facebook

It is very common to take Facebook as a social network, but do you know it can also be viewed as a video sharing site similar to YouTube? However, it is also a big video site like YouTube that allows people to upload and share videos. What’s more, since you have many friends and relatives on your Facebook, you may acquire more reviews and attention if you upload your video to Facebook rather than to YouTube. It is also very easy if you want to save the videos to your computer’s hard drive or portable device for offline viewing, just click here Facebook Video Downloader: Download Videos from Facebook in Mac/Win to know more details. 

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2 Vevo

If you want to listen to some music videos, Vevo could be a good option for you. Created officially on December 8, 2009, Vevo is famous for its music video. Even though YouTube offers a huge number of good music videos, Vevo holds music videos from three major record labels: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and now-defunct EMI. You will have access to more than 50.000 videos on Vevo. There is an article about how to download Vevo videos, and you can click Easy Way to Download VEVO Videos in Mac/Windows if you are interested in.

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3 Blip.tv

Blip.tv was established in 2005, almost the same time as YouTube. It is also one of the best video sharing sites other than YouTube, and it is even better than YouTube according to many people’s feedback. Currently, it has more than 22,000,000 viewers and approximately 48,000 Web shows. Blip.tv offers constant episodes so that you can get a continuous video series. You can refer to this article How to Download Blip TV Videos in Mac/Windows to download the video/TV series.

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4 Liveleak

Liveleak is another great video streaming site that gives the power to its users to post and share videos online. What’s different is that Liveleak emphasizes on lately happened things that are drawing people’s attention, and also some political meetings and war scenes from every corner of the world. Therefore, if you are interested in these topics, you can directly open Liveleak instead of YouTube. If you want to download these videos for offline viewing, click here LiveLeak Video Downloader: Download Videos from Liveleak.

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5 Vimeo

Vimeo is also a video sharing service like YouTube. If you are a movie lover, you may find it is even greater than YouTube, for it provides a professional platform for filmmakers to exchange opinions on their pieces of works compared with other sites. Besides, most videos of it have a special design and hold a particular topic. Want to download these videos with ease?  Click here How to Download Vimeo Videos Fast with Vimeo Downloader.

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Tips: There are a number of online video sharing sites that provide various videos, but what if you cannot connect your computer to the internet? Or you want to view them everywhere you go? At this moment, you can download these videos first and save them to your portable devices. Here, Aimersoft YouTube Downloader can do you a big favor. It is a professional program designed to download videos from YouTube as well as other popular video-sharing websites. All these video sites like YouTube mentioned above are supported by this YouTube Downloader.

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