Best Sites to Download Free MP3 for iPhone 5/5S/5C/6/6 Plus

Looking for free MP3 music for iPhone or other mobile devices? I think if you ask most people what they think when they hear "free download" they think "illegal download". So where can you find free and legal music? There are definitely places to find it, places that have express permission from the artist. Below is a collection of the best places to download legal & free MP3 for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod, iPad, iPad 2 and other more players. Meanwhile, the way to grab MP3 from YouTube for iPhone are also introduced.

Part 1. Download and Convert YouTube Video to MP3 for iPhone

As we know, there are millions of music videos on YouTube. Why not just download the YouTube music videos for playing on iPhone or extract MP3 from YouTube videos for iPhone? Here we go!

free music for iphone

To get MP3 for iPhone from YouTube videos, you need an all-in-one YouTube downloader and video converter. Here Aimersoft YouTube Downloader, which is compatible with Windows 8/7/XP/Vista, is highly recommended to help you achieve your goal to download video from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, VEVO, Dailymotion and more, and extract MP3 audio from downloaded videos. If you're using Mac OS X (Including Yosemite), you can use Aimersoft Video Downloader for Mac to help you get the work done.

Free DownloadFree Download
people have downloaded it.

Step 1. Search the video you want to download

First, launch the program and then open your web browser to visit the video sharing site. Find the clip you want to download and play it in the video window. If you are using Windows version, you can also surf the sites via the built-in web browser.

free music downloads for iphone

Step 2. Download the video via different ways

When you mouse over the video, you'll see a Download button appearing near the video area. Simply click it to download the video with a preferred resolution. Alternatively, you can also copy the video URL and then click the Paste URL button after resuming to the program. For Mac users, you can also get the videos you like by dragging and dropping the video URLs to the program.

free mp3 downloads for iphone

Step 3. Convert the downloaded files

After the videos have been downloaded, you can click the "Finished" tab to access the files. Find the video that you want to convert and then click the Convert button beside the video clip. Then the "Output" interface will be activated. And you can free choose "Audio" > "MP3" as the output format.

Part 2. Best 14 Sites to Download Free MP3 for iPhone

1. Stereokiller has even more punk/hardcore/metal goodness for you. According to the guy that runs the site, it's "better than damn MySpace." Well, no argument there.

2. has a pretty huge collection of free tunes as well, with offerings from almost 1,400 artists. Most can be both streamed and downloaded.

3. MTV offers a new group of about a dozen downloads on a somewhat regular basis. A drop in the bucket, but still free.

4. Fuzz offers - oh crap - a mixtape feature. The interface is cool as hell, and there's a ton of great, free music to discover on the site.

5. is loaded with streaming music, but there are plenty of downloads as well. Click the search link, then search or browse to "discover new music". It's the quickest way to the freebies.

6. 3hive's bloggers pass on links to some excellent free mp3s on their site. It's got a nice, personal feel to it, though there's not the tidal wave of music you'll find at some other on this list.

7. At Spinner (AOL Music), our chums have been giving a free MP3 away every day for the past two+ years.

8. Classic Cat maintains a massive listing of free, classical mp3s available on the internet. Files aren't hosted there, but it's an easier way to find works by Bach and Beethoven than searching yourself.

9. iCompositions is dedicated to music created with Mac's Garage Band software. You'll need to register in order to download songs.

10. itsfreedownloads is worth a bookmark for iTunes users. It's a site that keeps tabs on the weekly freebies in the iTunes store. You may get sick of looking at all the ads, but the free music will help soften the annoyance.

11. Anyone with a toddler or three at home will appreciate Free Children's Music. You'll find tons of great, kid friendly tunes there.

12. Blentwell is "an ongoing document of the evolution of blended music." Tons and tons of DJ mixes, categorized by genre.

13. Stereogum has been offering free, legal mp3s since 2006. They're all still available, along with zip and torrent file archives of previous months. The Gum Mix streams music to you while you browse, and all the tracks it plays can be downloaded.

14. Epitonic is "your source for cutting edge music." You'll find tracks by artists like The Strokes, Carl Cox, Pavement, Peaches, Guided by Voices, and Yo La Tengo.

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All great tips and tricks, thanks for sharing....
Hi, Dinesh. YouTube Downloader lets you download video songs from various sites and then convert them to any audio format you like to fit your iPod and more.
How to download songs
I learned how to put all my music from my HTC inspire (powered by android) on to my iphone 4 and it was simple I also learned how to put ringtones on my phone as well without can all be done with itunes
Yeah, of course you can!
can these then be imported into my iTunes music folder on my iPhone so that I can play them in there?
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