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How to Remove Blinkbox Video DRM

Blinkbox is a UK based movie download service, offering users loads of movies and TV shows as well as a load of movie trailers etc. Unfortunately, you can't burn any Blinkbox video — either rent or purchased — into DVD or convert them to portable devices due to DRM protection. However, chances may happen if you try to remove Blinkbox video DRM with a powerful tool.

You don't have to take time to search for such a program. Here, I strongly recommend you Video Converter Ultimate, which is definitely a good Blinkbox Digital Rights Management (DRM) removal tool for any use, such as burning Blinkbox to DVD, even capturing free online movies from Blinkbox. Now, let's have a look at how this smart app works.

1 Install and Launch the program

Please download and install this smart app first if you haven't had it installed on your PC yet.

Download Windows Version

Then, double click to launch this program to display its main interface.

Video Converter Ultimate

2 Play a DRM-protected Blinkbox video

Click Remove DRM from Blinkbox Video in its main interface. You will see a notice as the following show.

remove DRM from Blinkbox

Click "Ok" in this notice. There will be a dialog window popping up, as shown below.

remove Blinkbox video DRM

At that time, play a DRM-protected Blinkbox video and select one mode you want to use simultaneously.

Note: To adjust the recording area manually, you can select "Select recording area" option. Or just hit "Auto record" to let this smart app do the things for you.

3 Start to remove Blinkbox video DRM

On Screen Capture, hit one mode to start recording. After recording, the Blinkbox DRM removal job is finished. You will find the DRM-free Blinkbox video is automatically listed in the left pane of this program.

Blinkbox DRM removal

Note: Due to grab video exactly, the playing Blinkbox video must be viewed onscreen and smoothly. If there are several undesired segments displaying in the recorded Blinkbox video, you can split the video into several parts and then merge the desired ones into one file in order on this app.

In this way, you can remove any limitation and restriction existing in rent or purchased Blinkbox videos so that you can get the most out of these charged videos with the least money.

Download Windows Version

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Hi, would this lose any of the HD quality of Blinkbox movies? I have heard this is an issue on screen grab software. Thanks
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