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How to Convert Amazon WMV to Sony PlayStation Vita

Since many people including you are looking for ways to put Amazon WMV videos onto Sony PlayStation Vita for enjoy on-the-go, this article will tell you how to convert purchased Amazon WMV movies to PS Vita.

As we know, videos, TV shows, movies, etc. purchased from Amazon Instant Video are protected by DRM and can't play on non-specified players. Unluckily, Sony PlayStation Vita is one of them. Meanwhile, WMV is not a format supported by PSP Vita (It prefers MP4). That means, to play Amazon video on PS Vita, you'll need to both remove DRM protection from Amazon videos and at the same time convert WMV to PS Vita compatible MP4.

To get your work done, a DRM removal and a video converter are needed. To make it simpler, you can get an all-in-one DRM removal and converter. Here Aimersoft DRM removal program is highly recommended as the best tool to help you strip DRM from Amazon purchased WMV videos and convert them to MP4 for PS Vita. In addition, it can also remove DRM from M4V, M4B, M4P, WMA, ASF and AA/AAX. Now download it and follow the guide below to watch Amazon video on PS Vita.

Download Windows Version

How to convert Amazon movie to PlayStation Vita

1Add videos

Install and launch this DRM converter. Then click Add to navigate files on your computer and import the ones you want to convert. Note that when converting Amazon WMV to PS Vita, make sure you have installed Windows Media Player and your Amazon videos play well in Windows Media Player. Otherwise, the conversion may fail.

convert amazon to playstation vita

2Choose output format

Next, click Video files to and select MP4 Video as the output format since PS Vita well supports MP4. Or you can select PSP under Game Hardware to get videos with optimized settings (PSP and PS Vita supported video formats are almost the same).

convert amazon wmv to psp vita

3Start conversion

When all settings are done, click Start to begin removing DRM protection from Amazon WMV videos and converting them to PS Vita MP4. When the conversion is over, click Find Target to get the converted DRM-free MP4 videos and play them on your PS Vita freely.

Download Windows Version

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Hi, Jon. This program will help you convert your files to fit PSP. Feel free to download the program and give it a try.
Hey I just came across this site and have a question. I know you suggested that the PSP and PS Vita supported formats are the same. I still have a PSP, and was very interested in downloading videos from Amazon and converting them to play flawlessly and offline on my PSP. Will this program do it for me?
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