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How to Convert DRM to AVI

Nowadays, it' more and more common for media companies to use Digital Rights Management (short for DRM) to prevent music and video from illegally distributing. The main strategies for stopping copyright infringement are to make use of digitally encrypted software. However, this type of encrypted software or other kinds of security all set restrictions and limitations so that those who own these media files legally fail to enjoy their own media files at will. Luckily, it' possible for you to legally and easily convert DRM audio and video files into your wanted format like the popular AVI.

AVI has the broad support of hard devices like Blackberry, PSP, Xbox 360, Game Hardware, Sandisk Sansa, Archos and Creative Zen, etc. If you want to convert DRM to AVI, your best solution is to use DRM to AVI converter to do this job. best DRM removal tool is one excellent DRM removal, capable of converting DRM video to all kinds of popular format.

To convert DRM to AVI, you can follow the tutorial here step by step. Before conversion, download and install this great app. And you can get it by clicking the below download link.

Download Win

1. Load the DRM files to this smart app

Click "+ Add" icon on the top menu, navigate to the target DRM file you want to convert, hit "Open" to import it into the conversion window. This app supports batch conversion. You can import several DRM files for conversion on one go if you want.

2. Select AVI as the output format

Open the drop-down format list, and then go to the "Common Video" category. Just choose AVI as the output format.

convert DRM to AVI

Note: If you want to adjust the video or audio encoder and other settings like resolution etc, this app provides optimum options for these settings. After that, click "OK" to save these changes.

3. Start to convert DRM to AVI

Click the "Start" button to convert DRM to AVI. When the conversion is over, you not only get a non-DRM file, but you'll find this DRM-free file is in your wanted AVI format.

How amazing it is! In fact, this app is so powerful that you can use it to convert DRM to almost any popular format like AVI and MOV. Even it can give you the ability to watch wonderful DRM content in any player, include hard devices like iPhone etc.

Download Win

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