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Video & Audio Glossary

Attention: Aimersoft DVD Ripper  and Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac can help you rip DVD to all common video and audio formats. Aimersoft Video Converter and Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac can finish the conversion among all common video and audio formats.

AC3 - is the audio format utilized by ATSC and DigiCipher II. Related software: Audio Converter

H.264 - H.264 is known as MPEG4 AVC, The standard is expected to offer up to twice the compression of the current MPEG4 ASP (Advanced Simple Profile), in addition to improvements in perceptual quality. The H.264 standard can provide DVD-quality video at under 1 Mbps, and is considered promising for full-motion video over wireless, satellite, and ADSL Internet connections. Related software: DVD Ripper, Video Converter

MP4 - MP4 - is a popular video format that is widely used for online video streaming and is compatible with most portable media players. Related software: DVD to MP4 Converter, MP4 Video Converter

MPG - MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 -encoded video file.

AAC and TwinVQ (a.k.a. VQF). http://www.xiph.org http://www.vorbis.com Related software: Audio Converter

Videotape - Videotape is any magnetic tape recording system that records video. While most people think of videotape in terms of the analog (VHS, BetaMax, Video8, etc,...) formats popular through the late 1990s. However, videotape can also be used to store digital video, including consumer formats like DV and D-VHS.
Videotape is also used extensively for professional digital video applications from news gathering to archival storage, although to some extent it's been replaced by hard drive and optical disc (DVD) storage. This is even more true in the consumer market where miniDV camcorders have largely been replaced by models which write to a hard drive or directly to a miniDVD.

in a subdirectory labelled VIDEO_TS (all upper case). Related Software: DVD Ripper, Video Converter

chunk which contains the actual data (samples) Related software: Audio Converter

WMA - Windows Media Audio. Related software: Audio Converter

and maintained by people around the world. Related Software: DVD Ripper, Video Converter

at the end of my work with several videos on the menu...any monitor or tv doesn't recognized anymore the real format and everything comes at 16:9...any suggestion!?
Aimersoft Employee
Hello. Aimersoft's products provide three quality options: High Quality, Standard, and Small Size. You can choose it in the advanced "Settings" according to your needs. 
is it possible to lower the quality below standard
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