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MOV File Extension

  • MOV Format


MOV is the native video file format for Macintosh computers and the QuickTime Media Player. MOV is also the default file format for saving, editing, or creating videos using an Apple device. Apple was the chief developer of the MOV file format. Later on, it was used as the basis for the creation of the more standard MPEG-4 video format.

MOV contains audio, video, text, effects data. In the QuickTime development, MOV and MP4 are interchangeable. This is the reason why all MOV files can easily be converted into the highly accepted MP4 file format. That is also the reason why MOV can easily be handled by many other media players, including the Windows Media Player.

  • MOV Codec

Codecs are not required when playing MOV video files on a Macintosh computer or an Apple device. However, if it has to run on a Windows machine, a MP4 parser may be required. PC’s may need to upgrade the Video for Windows codec pack in order to handle this file. The DirectShow codec pack may be used as well.

However, MOV files failing to play on a Windows computer may not purely be codec issues. It could be a clear issue surrounding compatibility. Do note that not all versions of Windows Media Player can play these files, as only the later versions can handle them.

  • MOV Compatibility

There is no known compatibility issue for MOV files running on a Macintosh computer or an Apple device. However, for Windows computers using the Windows Media Player, error messages in running MOV videos may show up. To resolve this problem, an upgrade of the player and a fresh download of the codecs are the usual troubleshooting steps. However, users will find it easier to just download a compatible MOV player for their computer or simply convert the MOV videos into a file format that is easily playable by the system.

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