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MPEG-2 File Extension


The MPEG-2 file format comes by many names. It is commonly referred to as H.262 or the ISO/IEC 13818-2 file. Its structure is similar to its predecessor, which is the MPEG-1 file. But unlike it, it is not intended to work at lower bit rates.

  • MPEG-2 Format

MPEG-2 uses a lossy compression method for audio, video, and data elements as contained within the file. This file is mostly used in digital TV streaming broadcast via air, cable, or satellite connection. It comes in different parts or segments, all of which are systematically adapted and upgraded to fit the changing needs of the users and the entire video industry in general. MPEG-2 is a standard video file format as directed by the ISO.

  • MPEG-2 Codec

The MPEG-2 codec is a system file that uses DCT coding as well as motion compensated interframe prediction. This file transmits sounds, pictures, and data through elementary streams. These streams, on the other hand, contain compressed frames and images, sequence headers, and GOP headers, including all other pertinent data that are required for decoding purposes. A separate installation of the MPEG-2 codec is rarely necessary, mainly because it is a file format that was set as a standard by the ISO. Oftentimes, the installation of the media player or the operating system itself will come with the necessary codec.

  • Compatibility Issues and How to Play MPEG-2

There shouldn’t be any problem playing MPEG-2 files on any computer or system as this file format is highly recognized by the major platforms. However, for those who are experiencing problems playing MPEG-2 files on any computer, any one of these workarounds can be used: codec installation, media player upgrade, operating system security patch upgrade, installation of a compatible media player, or the conversion of the file into a different format.

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