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FairUse4WM Windows 7 to Remove WM DRM in Windows 7

FairUse4WM is a free DRM removal for Windows to remove DRM protection of Windows Media files so that you can play the legally purchased music on non-specified players. It only works on individualized DRM files and just removes DRM header of the media file. You may want to remove DRM protection from Windows Media files with FairUse4WM in Windows 7. However, FairUse4WM doesn't work in Windows 7.

Then you may ask whether there is a tool like FairUse4WM for Windows 7 to remove WM DRM in Windows 7 with ease. Well, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate can serve as a great WM DRM removal for Windows 7 to replace FairUse4WM. With it, you can easily strip DRM protection from protected WMA and WMV files downloaded and purchased from Amazon, Zune, BBC iPlayer, etc. and convert WMA and WMV to non-DRM MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, ASF, AVI, WMV, MPEG, etc. in Windows 7/XP/Vista (Windows 8 is also supported) for playing and sharing anywhere. Besides WM files, it can also crack DRM protection from iTunes M4V, M4P and M4B files. Free download it now and follow the steps to remove WM DRM in Windows 7.

Download FairUse4WM Alternative for Windows 7:

Download Windows Version

How to use the alternative to FairUse4WM for Windows 7

After downloading, install and run the program. Its main interface is as below and you can finish stripping WM DRM protection in two simple steps with just a few clicks!

fairuse4wm windows 7

1Add video files to the program

Click the Add Files button to select DRM-ed files from your computer or just drag and drop files to the interface. Loaded files can be previewed and you can freely take snapshots of the movie scenes as the picture shows.

2Choose an output format and start the conversion

Select an output video/audio format from Output Format list and click the "Convert" button on the main interface to start removing DRM from WM and convert WM files to the specified video/audio formats. After the conversion is done, click the "Open Folder" button to locate the converted DRM-free media files. And then you can freely play and share them anywhere you like without any restrictions.

Get the FairUse4WM replacement now and free your Windows media files in Windows 7 effortlessly!

Below is the video tutorial on how to use FairUse4WM for Windows 7:

Download Windows Version


1. More about WM DRM

Windows Media DRM is a Digital Rights Management service for the Windows Media Platform. It's used to deliver video and audio content while preventing illegal distribution of the data: only authorized users can get access to the media, which means that you can only play the videos on specified computers, portable devices and networks.

2. Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate Features:

In addition to be a perfect replacement of FairUse4WM for Windows 7, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate can do much more. It also allows you to convert among various video formats, rip videos from DVD movies, burn video files to DVD discs, download videos from online video sharing sites, edit videos like a pro, etc. With this Ultimate tool at hand, you can enjoy much more of the digital world.

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this is just an advert for that stupid amersoft crap, not a lossless stripper so avoid as you lose quality.
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, Phil, we're sorry but Recording is the working principle so as to make the conversion legal. It's recommended that you do the DRM removing and conversion when you don't need to use your computer since it may take a very long time.
Why does it take so long? I thought FairUse4WM just stripped the DRM from the header, but it seems your program is just recording it, which is not lossless. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a way to simply just strip the header? I have already purchased a forever license from you. Thanks.
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