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MPEG-1 File Extension


MPEG-1 is a widely popular file format that contains lossy audio video compression. It is currently regarded as an industry standard and was in fact, initially designed to create the digital video version of the VHS. The result was the creation of video CDs.

  • MPEG-1 Format

MPEG-1 is the very first file format in its series. Being said that, it is now considered as a largely outdated file format and has been succeeded by the MPEG-2. But even so, MPEG-1 is still being widely used today, although mostly with VCD files. The much modern DVD formats are using the MPEG-2 file system or higher. Comparing the two together, MPEG-2 follows a more complicated encoding algorithm while MPEG-1 performs fairly better than the former at lower bit rates.

  • MPEG-1 Codec

The MPEG-1 file format comes in three layers and each layer require a different set of codecs for the file to be properly read and played. However, because it was developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group, the file has been adapted as an ISO standard. That suggests that there should be no need for a separate codec installation. MPEG-1 files are easily processed by the native media players of both Windows and Mac computers, including Linux and Unix.

  • How to Play MPEG-1

Errors and compatibility issues are not expected for files following the MPEG-1 file format. But if and when they do arise, a simple download of the updated codecs should be able to correct the problem. If it still does not, the media player can be reinstalled, best if it is upgraded into a much higher version. If that is not possible, an installation of a different media player is advised. Converting the MPEG-1 file into a more compatible format is also recommended.

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