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MTS/M2TS File Extension

  • MTS/M2TS Format


MTS is a video file format that is closely associated to digital cameras and video cams. It is also related to another video file format, which is the M2TS. MTS is the output file format popular among Sony and Panasonic devices.

MTS is an AVCHD file format. AVCHD stands for Advanced Video Codec High Definition. It contains video, audio, and data information in one container file to create high quality video clips. MTS supports the 720p x 1080i HD video format. It can be played by selected media players, the most popular of which is the Cyber Link Power DVD series.

  • MTS Codec

The MTS file requires codecs to be able to run properly on a computer. This video format requires the MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 video codec for ease of play back. To play the audio, the Dolby AC-3 codec is required. Downloading these codecs is necessary for the file to run on a standard media player.

Windows Media Player 11 running on Windows 7 or Windows 8 computers has native support for MTS files. As for Windows Vista and Windows XP, a special patch is required in order to play the file. However, Apple’s QuickTime doesn’t support MTS playback.

  • How to Play MTS

Since MTS files do not play on an Apple device or a Macintosh computer, it has to be converted first to another format first. Downloading a compatible converter is necessary. Another alternative is for Mac users to install a compatible media player. Sony Picture Motion Browser is one program that can handle this file. For users who decide to convert the file instead, the most recommended output file format is MP4. All platforms and media players can play MP4 videos, as it is regarded as the industry standard for video files.

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