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How to Join AVI Files into One on Windows/Mac

Sometimes, an AVI movie downloaded from the Internet came in several parts and the switches between different parts is not so smooth. It's annoying to halt a movie in the middle and load another part. Sometimes, after shooting a lot of AVI video footages with your digital still camera, you may want to combine these content-related clips together for better storage. If you have similar needs, you may eagerly want to know how to join AVI files so as to create one single movie.

But the initial thing that you need to do is to pick a very professional AVI Joiner which can help you easily and quickly solve the problem. Aimersoft Video Editor is no doubt the most ideal choice, for it can join a series of AVI videos without reducing the picture quality. This program has an easy-to-use workspace, which enables you to finish your task with simple clicks and drag-n-drop. In addition to simply combining videos, you are also free to add more fun to your videos by inserting attractive transition effects.

Joining AVI videos is not the only feature that Video Editor has. This powerful program gives you more options for editing. You can not only fine tune your files with basic features like trim, split, rotate, crop and more, but also optimize it with available special effects and filters. In addition to AVI, nearly all the video formats are supported. And with its help, you can even convert your videos to new formats. Download the program right now and you'll find that integrating AVI videos is so easy.

Download AVI Joiner:

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How to join two or more AVI videos together

Please note that this guide uses Windows version to give you instruction. The way to join AVI video on Mac is the same. Mac users just need to make sure you have installed Video Editor for Mac.

1Add AVI videos

The initial thing is to load the videos you want to join. There are two easy options for importing files: click the Import button on the top of the User's Album or directly drag the files from your computer to the program. If you prefer to load the whole file folder at one go, simply click the Arrow icon next to Import and select Add Folder.

Avi joining

2Start putting AVI files together

The Timeline panel is used for doing basic editing like splitting, joining and so on. To join videos, you need to drag the target files from User's Album to the Timeline panel below. The playback sequence of the combined file depends on the left-right order in the video track. Therefore, you can drag and drop the videos to the Timeline panel in the order you want. Alternatively, you can adjust video sequence via drag-and-drop within the video track.

Join avi movies

3Apply transition effects (Optional)

Click the Transition tab above the Timeline panel to open a bunch of available transition effects. To apply an effect, you just need to drag and drop it to the scene between clips within the video track. The duration of each clip can be set according to your needs. To do this, you can double click the transition effect and then set the time in the pop-up window.

Combine avi clips

4Output the integrated files

This program lets you publish your video via different ways. You can either save the video to your hard drive in the same quality or export it to portable devices. What's more, you are also allowed to upload the video directly to YouTube and Facebook or burn to DVD, which will definitely make the sharing more conveniently.

Now, you are able to happily watch the integrated AVI video without any interruptions.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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