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Merge Multiple WMV Videos into One Single File

If you have some WMV files on your computer in smaller clips, you might want to know how to combine them to get a large file to play orderly without interruptions. You might have used your camera to take several WMV files with each being about three to four minutes long and would like to join all of them to get a longer file to load as a single video instead of several clips in sequence. This job is actually easy if you are using a powerful tool to merge WMV files. Aimersoft Video Editor will be the ideal choice as it can join several clips to give you a complete video or movie to enjoy smoothly without pauses.

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WMV (Windows Media Video) is a compressed format used for videos and it's created by Microsoft for online streaming applications. Most internet movies and videos online are in this format. With this type of file, you are able to convert large files into smaller ones whilst protecting the overall video quality. This way, you can manage the file size without compromising picture clarity. Even though most media players can read the WMV files, they can be converted to various other formats if you want. Just know that the picture quality is likely to compromise if you convert a file in WMV format to another format.

Thankfully, when you are using Aimersoft Video Editor as a professional WMV merger you don't have to worry about the conversion speed and output quality. You will get exactly what you need after a few clicks. It can also merge other video formats besides the WMV. You could use it when editing and converting videos and audio in all the popular formats, which include AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MOV, ASF, MKV, MPG, SWF, M2TS, WMA, AAC, MP3, FLAC, OGG, etc. Moreover, it comes with powerful editing features to facilitate trimming, the adding of effects and more.

If you are ready, you can follow the information below to join your WMV files easily on Windows using this amazing tool. Before getting started, you should download and then install the file joiner. For Mac users, please turn to WMV Merger for Mac.

Part 1. Instruction on how to merge WMV files together

Part 2. Edit WMV files with fancy

Part 1. Steps for combining WMV video clips

1Upload the original WMV video files

Launch the video editor and then load the video files into the application using the Import tab that is at the right upper corner. You will see the loaded files listed inside the User's Album at the right section of the interface.

merge wmv

2Merge WMV files into one

After adding all the target files to the program, you can drag them to the Timeline Panel to join them automatically into a single file.

merge two wmv files into one

Note that you are able to edit and make adjustments to the merged files if necessary. You could scramble and then rearrange the joined videos in the sequence using the Timeline or maybe add stunning transitions or adjust the videos with special effects.

3Save and share

This video editor is offering many options for the output file. It is possible to convert your merged files into any output format on your local computer or pick a format that is compatible for you to convert the files for portable devices.

Part 2. How to edit your WMV files with ease

1Import your files to the video editor

After launching the program, you would click the Import tab to load the WMV files. Another easy way is to drag the videos directly from the computer to the primary interface into the User's Album.

2Edit your WMV videos

Drag the videos for editing from the User's Album into the Timeline Panel. You will see the video and original audio displayed respectively in two tracks. The next step is to click on the Split button in the Timeline Panel.

merge wmv files into one

If you want to do more than just merge WMV files, you could do some editing with the rotate/crop features, movie effects and other functions using the pop-up box. Note that you could personalize the background music as well by changing the original audio, etc.

3Export the edited files

Once you have completed the editing task, click the Create tab to choose the desired option. You could either save the edited videos to the computer, upload them directly to YouTube and Facebook or transfer them to portable devices such as PSP, iPad, iPhone and more, and burn the files to DVDs.

combine wmv files

Please note that you can choose a suitable format to use and convert the WMV files if you want more compatible videos when saving to the computer.

Overall, the Aimersoft Video Editor is a trusted program to use if you want to merge WMV files as well as do other things such as crop, trim, split or rotate. This handy tool will allow you to crate Hollywood-style videos with animated transitions and special effects as well as provide great support for you to convert videos to various export formats. It is a hassle-free tool that will make the task of editing videos a lot more fun.

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