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How to Convert ASF Files to MOV in Windows (Windows 8)

ASF (Advanced Streaming Format) is a file format that Microsoft creates to stream audio and visual content. These files are really containers used for streaming media and would include data for Windows Media Video or Audio. If you want to watch or edit these files, you might have to convert them to some other common formats like MOV or MP4. In this article, you will find out how to convert ASF to MOV with ease.

ASF files have a major shortcoming in that the maximum resolution is smaller than most of the other formats. Besides that, the files will not play on the popular media devices. This is because it’s created for streaming. You would have to convert your ASF videos to MOV or some other compatible format to watch them on media devices such as iPhone, Apple TV, iPod, Android, iPad, Xbox 360, PSP or editing programs such as like iMovie.

Although there are a number of video conversion programs available to convert video clips to other formats, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is the tool that you will need for this purpose. It is a high speed conversion tool that is designed to convert virtually all video formats easily and quickly. With it, you will be able to convert ASF files to MOV and other formats such as WMV and MP4. Mac users please refer to Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac if you want to convert ASF files on Mac.

Download ASF to MOV converter:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Procedures to convert ASF files to MOV format

1Import ASF files to the converter

After downloading the professional video converter program, you can import the files for conversion. There are two ways to add the files to the program. You could drag and drop the video files from the desktop directly unto the interface of the program. Secondly, you can click the Add Files button at the left top corner. The program allows the conversion of multiple files.

convert asf to mov

2 Choose the export format and destination folder

Click on the drop down list and choose MOV for the output format. After that, you can browse the folders on your computer to locate the right one for the converted files. This ASF video converter program supports all the common formats such as FLV, AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV and more. It also has hundreds of video presets for most portable devices, including Samsung, iPod, iPhone, HTC PSP and iPad.

asf to mov mac

3 Start converting ASF to MOV

As soon as you complete the quick setup steps, you can press the Convert button to start the process. Once the process ends, the converted files will go into the destination folder. In the end, you can sit back and enjoy your brand-new movie files.

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is a great tool to take advantage of when you need to change video files to other common formats for convenient viewing and sharing. Try it now!

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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