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How to Fix QuickTime Mavericks Bugs

Case 1. Can’t preview movies in Mavericks

After upgrading to Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, some Mac uses found that when they try to preview some videos, a window popped up and told them that the video file is zero KB in size, which actually isn’t. This is probably because Mavericks only supports a few video formats. Only movies that were encoded with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks compatible encoding can be previewed normally.

Case 2. QuickTime will automatically convert video format under Mavericks

If you tried to open a video with double-click, QuickTime Player X will launch automatically and immediately convert the video format. This is also due to the video format compatibility issue.

To fix the QuickTime Mavericks bugs, here are some recommended solutions.

Solution 1. Install QuickTime Mavericks Codec Package
Solution 2. Apply Quick Look Plug-ins
Solution 3. Convert video to QuickTime Mavericks compatible format
Solution 4. Take some other Mavericks players to use

Solution 1. Install QuickTime Mavericks Codec Package

As Apple has claimed, H.264 and MPEG-4 movies which is encoding with QuickTime MPEG-4 codec will be preview perfectly without video conversion. Also, there is a codec package, which is part of the ProApps QuickTime Codecs V1.0.3, provided by Apple for professional users. This codec package will perfectly support the Apple Intermediate, Apple ProRes, AVC-Intra, DVCPRO HD, HDV, XDCAM HD/ EX /, HD4222, MPEG IMX, Uncompressed 4:2:2 and XAVC Codecs. The only problem is: To use this package, your need to install Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 or Compressor 4 on you Mac.

Solution 2. Apply Quick Look Plug-ins

Usually there is some Quick Look Plug-in available on the internet. However, there is still not a Quick Look plug-in that allows users preview movies in Mavericks. Instead of dateless waiting for the indefinite plug-in, you can convert the files to QuickTime default format and preview the converted version.

Solution 3. Convert video to QuickTime Mavericks compatible format

There is no doubt that converting movies to QuickTime Mavericks compatible format is a solution that hold good for all time. Once you convert your videos (AVI, WMV, MKV, etc.) to QuickTime MOV or MP4, the movie will show up perfectly and you can play them with QuickTime without any hassle. If you are tired of "QuickTime converts movies without asking" and want to try something else, Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac is highly recommended for user-friendly video conversion. It is specially designed for Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and easy to handle. Apart from many popular file format like MOV, M4V, MP4, AAC, AC3 and more, it still offers several output presets for hot gadgets like iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and so forth. Optimized output format for iMovie, Final Cut Pro, iDVD and HD, 3D output is also provided.

Download Mac Version

How to convert video for previewing and playing with QuickTime in Mavericks

1 Import video files to QuickTime Mavericks converter

Download and install Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac on your computer. Launch it after successful installation. There are two ways to load the movies that you want to convert:

A. Directly drag and drop the files to be converted into the main window of the converter;
B. Click the Add Files button on the left bottom of the window and browse the movies you would like to convert.

quicktime mavericks solution

Note that Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac supports batch conversion, so you can import multiple files at a time.

2 Choose QuickTime MOV as the output format

In the bottom of the main windows, there is the output format list. Here MOV is the desired output format. Remember that iMovie, iDVD, Final Cut Pro output and many other formats are also available.

convert video to quicktime in mavericks

3 Edit the video as per needs

You can also edit any videos with this video converter for Mavericks. The supported editing functions include trimming, cropping, change visual effects, add watermarks and embed subtitles.

Edit videos as per needs

4 One click to start video conversion

When you finish all settings, simply click the Convert button to begin video format conversion under Mavericks.

(Tips: Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac also supports downloading online videos from a wide range of video sharing sites, like YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, MTV, Metacafe, Myspace and many more.)

Download video converter for Mavericks:

Download Mac Version

Solution 4. Take some other Mavericks players to use

Thankfully, if you don’t care about previewing movies in Mavericks and just want to watch them bypass the conversion process, video player for Mavericks is your ultimate choice. Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac is built with an embedded media player that can play any movies without converting video format. It supports playing WMV, AVI, FLV, MKV, 3GP and many other formats that QuickTime won’t touch. Of course, QuickTime 7 Pro still works under Mavericks without the conversion steps.

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it''s not really a bug. they completely switched over to AVfoundry for the media backbone system-wide. better than qt7 in quality and performance but of course it does not support all the formats perian and qt7 did. an interesting thing i found out in YOSEMITE: if you cannot preview a .mov in quicklook, try changing the ending to ".mp4" regardless of the format. if you have the codec installed chances are pretty good that you will see it. make sure you have the PRO APPS CODEC PACK mentioned in the article above. perian and qt7 still work in YOSEMITE and are available for free. QTX became way better and has non of the previous interface bugs it had in MOUNTAIN LION or MAVERICKS.
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