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Want to free download videos with online video downloader? Read on to check the list of the best online video downloaders.

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Everyone with a decent Internet connection will enjoy the benefits of online videos. The most popular sites today include YouTube, Metacafe, Veoh, Vimeo and various online video streaming sites. Most users will have their own favourite videos that they would like to watch some time in the future on their hard drive. The development of online video tools can cater to free online video downloader, but their features are often limited in terms of what they can do. This article below will focus on top online video downloader and browser extensions to download online videos.

Part 1. Best Solution to Download Online Videos for Free

Different with online video downloaders, iTube HD Video Downloader is your best choice to download online videos in the easiest way for offline playback at anytime and anywhere. This online video downloader allows you to download videos from 10,000+ online sites at 3X faster speed compared to other online video downloaders. It will detect the online video once you start playing it and provide a Download button that allows you to download the video in one click from your browser.

iTube HD Video Downloader - Best Solution to Download Online Videos

  • This video downloader detects online videos automatically as soon as they start playing and provide a Download button;
  • Support to download any online videos you want in a batch from 10,000 online video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc;
  • Capture any online video from any video sites including those "unable to download ones";
  • Also serves as a video converter that allows you to convert your videos to your device with ease;
  • Built with a smart Time Scheduler to shut your computer automatically or enter into sleep mode after the download is complete.
  • Allow to batch download multiple videos simultaneously at 3X faster speed.
  • "Private Mode" to download videos into a password-protected folder preventing others to view the downloaded videos.

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Click to see more detailed guide on how to download online videos from online sites.

Part 2. Top 5 Free Online Video Downloader

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DoVideo Online Video Downloader

DoVideo Online Video Downloader is an easy to use and free website that will download videos from YouTube and several other video sharing websites. The added benefit is that you have the option to change them to either FLV or MP4 formats.

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Video Grabber

Video Grabber is an online video service that allows you to grab videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other online video services. After entering the link of the website, video grabber will detect any video files available for download. Video Grabber also features support for HD videos.

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ClipNabber is an online web service tool with multi-lingual support. It supports over 100+ websites and has an internal tool for playing audio and video. Supported sites include YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Metacafe. Other features include a screen recorder and also an audio recorder.

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Savemedia offers a simple interface where users can copy and paste a video URL into the input box. Once you select download, a list of download links will appear.

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Deturl is an online tool that allows you copy and paste the website URL into the input box. Once you select download and select the output format, it starts downloading.

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Part 3. Top 5 Free Online Video Downloader Extension Plugins

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It is the browser extension that can help you to download videos online from video sharing sites like Vimeo, YouTube, and MetaCafe.You need to download helper. Once you download the extension to your PC, every time you watch a video, a download button comes automatically. This download button will help you download the video instantly to your system with just the click of a button. You can download the video of your choice in the most convenient manner. As you watch a video in Dailymotion, you will notice a "Download" button that will help you save videos directly to your device. You can even use it to download videos and media from Facebook.

Free Download Helper >>

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It is one of the most popular free video downloader options that you can choose. It will help you make your Internet experience fast and convenient. The extension adds a drop-down below the YouTube videos for you to easily select and download. FastTube allows you to download videos in different formats. Codes from is used by this extension to make video downloads easy and convenient. While the video downloading progresses, you can definitely enjoy watching the rest of the video online. However, watching it after downloading is better as there won't be any buffering time.

Free Download FastestTube >>

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This free video downloader extension comes with a custom designed HTML5 payer. It can even help to convert Facebook and Vimeo videos. It lets you swap video resolution within the player. While most of the players in the video downloaders have just mute and unmute options, YouTube5 has options for adjusting the volumes. When new updates are available, the video downloader option will automatically update to the latest version. You can download YouTube5 downloader free.

Free Download YouTube5 >>

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Video DownloadHelper

It is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to download videos free directly from the browser. It is a 'discreet' downloader. You will be able to see the icon for downloading. Click on it and the video will start to download instantly. You can also choose other options like Copy URL and Convert file. You can download videos from all the video sharing sites like MySpace, Google Video,DailyMotion, and YouTube. The extensions integrates perfectly well with Firfox. There are various methods for downloading videos and you'll also not have to face auto-downloading advertisements while using Video DownloaderHelper.

Free Download Video DownloadHelper >>

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FVD Suite

This is yet another extension to download videos online from the Internet. This extension will not just let you download videos from the Internet, but will also help you to convert the downloaded files to desired formats. It is a free and secure extension to use. There are three main modules of the downloader - FVD Downloader, FVD Converter, and the FVD Player. This extension works well with iPhone, Android devices, and iPod.

Free Download Free FVD Suite >>

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Above we have listed several ways to download online videos for free, however, if you are a video lover and seeking for a stable video downloader to have access to video download frequently, iTube HD Video Downloader would be a great favor to you. Why not have a try?

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