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User Guide

1Import media files

Run the program and click the Import button to add videos, audio files and photos to the program's User Album. Or locate the media files you want to edit and directly drag them to the Media zone. You can also click the Record button to record videos using a camera device and then add them to the editor. After that, drag files to the Timeline and start creating your home movie.

add files

The Sort function is provided, allowing you to quickly find what you want. You can sort media files by name, duration or type. And as you can see, all the added files can be previewed in the right window and you're free to take snapshots of the video scenes and even view them in full screen.

2How to edit video/audio/image files

In the Timeline area, some classic functions are provided. As you see, you can cut, copy, paste, crop, split and delete media files to your needs. Meanwhile, you can mute videos and detach audio files from video clips.


To trim a video/audio file, highlight it and move the mouse to the end or beginning on the Timeline. When you see the double arrow icon, just drag it to trim the videos.

To further edit a video/audio/photo clip, right click it in the Timeline and choose Edit or simply double click the clip to open the Edit panel.

For videos: You can rotate a video 90 degrees clockwise/anticlockwise or flip horizontal/vertical, adjust video contrast/saturation/brightness/hue, slow down or speed up a video and crop videos to remove unnecessary regions as you like.

edit video

For audio files: You can adjust the speed of the audio by slowing it down or speeding it up, adjust audio volume, set fade in/out effects and adjust Pitch.

For photos: You can rotate photos, crop pictures and adjust photo effects. Moreover, you can choose from 30+ motion effects to make the photos dynamic.

edit photo

3How to add texts, effects and Intro/Credits

This video editing program allows you to add some texts, special video effects and Intro/Credits to make your video more impressive.

Add Texts: Click Text and you will see all the text effects. Choose your favorite one and drag it to the timeline to add it. (Of course you can preview the text effects by double clicking them.) After that, double click the Text track in the Timeline to customize its font, animation, color and more as you like.

add text

Apply Effects: Click Effect and you will find there are 50+ effects like Invert, Glow, Canvas, Cartoon, Emboss and more, which will help to add a special touch to the whole video. Double click any to have a preview and then drag your desired one to the Timeline to apply it. You can even adjust the parameters of some effects. (The effects can be applied to both videos and photos.)

add effects

Add Intro/Credit: With a professional Intro/Credit, you movies will definitely look more appealing. Click Intro/Credit to find all the templates and drag the one you like to the right position in the Timeline. The Intro/Credit is actually a combination of a photo and a text, which means you need to edit the photo and text separately if you want to customize your Intro/Credit.

add intro-credit

4How to create a picture-in-picture effect

The picture-in-picture effect will take your video to the next level instantly. And now Aimersoft Video Editor lets you achieve that easily in a few clicks.

Simply drag your favorite item (videos and images) to the PIP track in the Timeline. You can then double click the PIP in the Timeline (or right click it and choose Edit) to change the PIP size, position, motion, mask and even apply some special effects to it by clicking Advanced. Congratulations! You've created a customized picture-in-picture effect to make your videos look more professional.

picture in picture

5How to add transitions between clips

About 50 stunning transition effects are provided to meet all the scene transition effects during the editing process. Click Transition to find all the transition effects and preview any with a double-click. Choose your favorite one and drag it to the proper location in the timeline between two clips.

add transition

Tips: You can let the program randomly choose the transitions if you don't want to select one by one. Or just get a favorite one and apply it to all. What's more, you can manually adjust the transition time to meet your specific needs.

6How to add a voiceover and background sound

You can add some voiceovers to make your movie more interesting and professional. To add a voiceover, simply click the Record button on the toolbar to open the Record Audio window, where you can record the voiceover 3 seconds after you click the red record button. When it finishes, click the record button again and click OK to return to the main window.

add voiceover

Some sound effects like Bell, Alarm, Cry, Drum, Trumpet, etc. are offered. You can click Sound and drag the one you like to the Timeline to add it to your video. Of course, before that, you can preview it to make sure it's what you want.

add sound

7How to use the Flash Hold and Power Tool

Flash and Hold: To apply a Flash and Hold (close-up) effect, simply click the video/photo in the Timeline and then click the button button to add the effect to the clip. Or you can select a clip, right click it and choose Flash and Hold to apply it.

flash and hold

Tilt-Shift, Mosaic, Face-Off and Jump Cut: These 4 functions are all under Power Tool. You can either right click a clip and select Power Tool or click the button button to enter the Power Tool window. The Tilt-Shift effect can help you highlight your selected area while blurring other areas. The Mosaic effect lets you blur the area that you don't want to show clearly. The Face-Off function allows you to add a funny face to replace the original people face, which adds much fun to your video editing. And the Jump Cut option enables you to automatically add jump cuts to clips for a better action effect.

power tool

8How to save and share your video masterpiece

Aimersoft Video Editor is not only a splendid video editor, but also a video converter and DVD burner. Multiple output options are provided so that you can share and play your video creation anywhere. After finishing editing the video, click the big Create button and choose an output format and destination folder to save your video. Here are the output options:


1. Device: You can choose iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPod touch, Wii, Xbox 360, PSP, Zune, etc. as the output format. By selecting a video profile for a device, you'll output the video with the best settings to fit your portable media player.

2. Format: A variety of regular video formats, including MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, FLV, MKV and more are provided for your choice. You can also adjust video parameters like Encoder, Frame Rate, Resolution, Bit Rate, etc.

3. YouTube: Want to share your masterpiece to YouTube with family and friends? Now it's easier than ever. Simply click YouTube, enter your YouTube account, password and other necessary info. After that, click Create to publish the video on YouTube directly. You can also share the video to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.

4. Facebook: If you are a Facebook lover, now you are able to publish your movies to Facebook from the application. Simply click Facebook, type in the required info to log in your Facebook account. Then click Create again to upload the video.

5. DVD. This smart video editor also allows you to burn the edited videos to DVD for storage or sharing. Click DVD and define the DVD settings like DVD Label, Aspect Ratio, TV Standard, Video Quality, etc. After that, insert a blank DVD disc into your computer's DVD drive and click create to burn the videos onto your DVD disc. You can also save videos as DVD folders or ISO files for burning later.

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