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How to Edit YouTube (FLV) Videos Effortlessly

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing site on the planet. But most videos uploaded to YouTube are made by amateurs. How to make your video more attractive so as to outshine other videos? Sometimes, you have downloaded a video from YouTube but want to fine tune some parts. How to achieve the task? When facing the above situations, the most effective way is to further edit YouTube clips with a great YouTube Video Editor. Good news for those people who have the need, Aimersoft Video Editor is just such an awesome program that you are looking for.

With this fabulous software, you can:

  • Combine multiple YouTube videos to create a new longer video, or trim and split any parts of the video that you are not satisfied with;
  • Fine tune your video with options like rotate, crop, brightness and speed;
  • Add background audio from any of your collected music or sound recordings;
  • Touch up your videos with special effects, transitions, text templates, picture-in-picture effect, sound effects and more;
  • Input and output videos without worrying about the file formats;
  • Upload your videos directly to YouTube or save the complied files with many other options.

In addition to the above features, you can always expect more from Aimersoft Video Editor. Download it right now and go to explore its magic by yourself!

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

How to deal with YouTube video editing (Take the Mac version as an example)

Please follow the below steps to learn how to edit YouTube (FLV) files. Windows users please download Video Editor Windows version.

1Load the YouTube videos

Click "Import+" to load the YouTube videos that you want to modify. Alternatively, you can also drag the videos from local directory to the primary interface. All the added files will be listed in the resource library.

Load the YouTube videos

2Start editing YouTube file

Next, you need to drag the target video from resource library to the timeline panel, where you can combine, split, trim, copy, paste, add transitions or personalize background music to your downloaded YouTube videos and more. Right click on the thumbnail in the video track to choose the required editing features.

Edit YouTube videos

But if you would like to apply the movie effects, rotate the video image, or adjust the screen size, you should choose the editing box as your editing helper. Double click on the video thumbnail, then you can access to it.

Edit YouTube

3Save edited YouTube videos

Once you have finished video editing for YouTube, please click “Create" to pop up Output interface. This program offers your multiple choices for sharing and exporting your compiled video:

  • Save all your complied YouTube files into local computer with original format or any other format you like;
  • Transfer your final videos into your portable devices like iPhone, iPad, PSP, etc for more convenient enjoyment.
  • Directly upload the newly-edited video to YouTube for more friends sharing.

Save edited YouTube videos

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

It's definitely up to you on how to save your edited creation. Of course, besides the above mentioned saving options, you can also choose to burn the edited YouTube video to DVD for permanent collection.

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Aimersoft Video Editor is a greatly useful tool for editing any video file on YouTube and it is so simple to use, even for a layman like me!!
Dustin gordon
This is an informative post and it is true that the videos uploaded in YouTube are mostly done by the amateurs. I am also one among those amateurs who never knew that these videos can even be edited. Thank you for the post and I am going to try this amazing Aimersoft Video Editor.
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