How to Remove Sound from Video in Windows PC/Mac

Sometimes you might want to remove audio from video and keep the videos only so that you can add some other audio files to it later, edit them for a better video effect, etc. Now that can be very easy with the professional video editing software from Aimersoft. Just follow this guide to remove sound from video with ease.

Part 1. How to Remove Music to Video on PC/Mac

remove audio from video

Filmora Video Editor enables you to remove audio track from video files in just a few clicks. You can either delete audio track from video to mute the video or detach audio from video to separate the video/audio files in different tracks. Apart from removing sound from video, you can also use it to create a video masterpiece for sharing anywhere you like. Now get the editor and follow the steps below to remove audio from video easily and quickly.

remove sound from video

Step 1. Import Media Files

Run the video editor and click Import to locate and add your target videos. Add the loaded video clips will be listed in the media library as the following picture shows. Supported video formats include AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV,MOV, MP4, VOB, MTS and more.

delete audio from video

Step 2. Remove the sound track from video

Next, drag the videos from the media library to the Timeline panel. You can then right click the video clip and choose Mute or Detach audio to separate audio from video. (Mute means to delete the audio while Detach means to separate video and audio tracks.) Video, audio and background music are displayed in different tracks, making it easier to remove all the sound from a video file.

Note: If you would like to add some new sound or background music to your video, simply first add them to the media library and then drag the audio file to the Timeline panel in a proper place. For more details, you can refer to Add Background Music to Video.

remove music from video

Step 3. Save and share the video

Preview the edited movie to make sure you have got what you want. Then click Create to export the video track. As you see, you can save the video in regular formats, export it for portable devices, burn it to DVD disc or share it to YouTube directly. Simply select your desired output method and then click Create to save the video without the original audio track.

Tips: In addition to removing audio from video, Filmora Video Editor allows you to do much more: you can add transition effects to videos, create picture in picture effects, apply filter effects, add text, intro/credits, etc. to make your videos look much better.

How do I uninstall the ''download'' button. I deleted the converter software but the download button still appears whenever i hover the mouse over a video. Please help.
thanx dud
Miranda Cross
Yes! That's how it works!
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, thanks for your interest in our products. Aimersoft Video Editor can surely extract and delete the audio tracks. When you add a video file, choose it and right-click to choose "unlink" and then you are free to delete the audio you don't like.
to remove original audio click to highlight the file then right click and select "unlink" then click away from file to un-highlight it then click on audio part and it should be only part of file highlighted then hit delete, audio part of file will go away. hope i explained it well, this is for mac.
I thought i would be able to remove audio from video it appears with version 1.0 i cannot had i known this i would not have bought it. Please reply!!!
Dmsk Sono
i purchased aimersoft video converter, and always been able to remove audio or mute audio.  now that feature is gone with the new updated version.  i have imovie.  i could do it that way but why would your update remove an ability i have already paid for?  i downloaded this trial version because i wanted to remove audio and that's it.  now i have a huge water mark.  do current customers have access to this software that seems to be where my formerly reliable software has seemed to moved its simplest abilities?
Aimersoft Employee
Hello. There are no functional differences between the trial version and full version. However, there are limitations like watermarks in the trial one. You can get rid off all the limitations once purchased.
Seriously don't even bother, to anyone that will read this. It feels like a great software, but only if you plan on purchasing it. Otherwise they add a huge watermark to any video you export T_T Thank you very much for wasting my time. Pathetic.
The software is very good. Please, explain me one thing: on the link there is a good explanation about how to remove the original sound and add a new audio to the video file. I only don't understand HOW to "select both video and audio" (8 step). I did everything before that and seems that works but I can't finish the process. Help me. Thank you.
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