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How to Remove DRM Protection from CinemaNow

CinemaNow offers users lots of premium video contents for rental or purchase, even free online viewing. But those wonderful digital contents have many limitations and restrictions such as CinemaNow Digital Rights Management (DRM), which prevents you from reserving them to Mac or transferring them to other popular digital devices like PSP, iPhone and iPad etc. Therefore, to make you feel free for enjoying CinemaNow digital contents, you have to remove CinemaNow DRM.

To remove DRM protection from CinemaNow, you can try Video Converter Ultimate, which is designed to capture the playing video with good quality. After recording, you can get a completely DRM-free CinemaNow video for any use like DVD burning or playback on the go. This article here shows you how to remove CinemaNow DRM with ease and efficiency.

1 Install and Launch the program

First, please download and install this app.

Download Windows Version

After that, double click it. Then you can see its main interface as follows:

Video Converter Ultimate

2 Play a DRM-protected CinemaNow video

Click Remove DRM from CinemaNow Video to bring up the following notice.

DRM-protected CinemaNow video

As it has said, some setting changes will be brought to your computer. Just click "Ok", you'll see another notice:

Remove CinemaNow DRM

There are two recording modes you may choose to remove CinemaNow DRM, "Select recording area" and "Auto record". At the moment, play a DRM-protected CinemaNow video, either free online streaming or charged video.

3 Start to remove DRM protection from CinemaNow videos

After playing the CinemaNow video, you can click "Select recording area" to display a rectangle frame for selecting recording area manually. Or hit "Auto record" to let this app automatically detect the playing video and start recording. After recording, you can get a DRM-free CinemaNow video listed on the left pane of the program.

remove CinemaNow DRM protection

Note: During the recording process, make sure the recorded CinemaNow video is always playing visually and smoothly.

If the DRM-free CinemaNow video you gain at last includes undesired segments due to video buffering or others, this app allows you to split the video into several parts and then merge the wanted ones into one file in order.

Congratulations, you have accomplished the CinemaNow DRM removal job successfully. Now, you can reserve it on your hard disk for playback anytime. If you want to transfer it to some popular devices like iPad and PSP etc. or burn into DVD, you can perform these tasks directly on this smart app.

Download Windows Version

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