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How to Transfer Napster Music to iPod/iPhone/iPad

Napster subscription music are usually DRM-ed WMA files, which are not supported by Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. However, you may just get a new iPod and want to transfer Napster music to iPod for playback on the go. Many people like you are bothered about how to play Napster subscription songs on iPod. Today you are in the right place!

To put Napster music on iPod, you need to both crack Napster DRM and convert WMA to iPod supported MP3. To do this, you can use Aimersoft Music Converter, an easy to use DRM music converter, to help your finish the task fast. With it, you can strip DRM protection from Napster subscription music and convert Napster to iPod playable MP3 songs. Besides, this DRM converter can also convert protected music and unprotected music files between regular audio formats like WMA, OGG, WAV, MP3, etc. Download it now and follow the steps below to easily convert Napster songs to iPod MP3 with excellent audio quality!

Free download Napster to iPod converter:

How to convert Napster music for playback on iPod

After downloading, install and launch the music converter. Then follow the quick start guide to accomplish your task in two simple steps in clicks!

1 Add Napster music

To load Napster files, you can click "Add Files" on the left top of the interface of the program, or just dag and drop them into the window.

convert napster to ipod

2 Choose the output format and start to convert

Select MP3 as the output format from the drop-down list of "Convert to" and then hit the "Start" button lower-right on the main window. After the conversion is done, you can freely enjoy Napster WMA music on your iPod touch, classic, nano, shuffle, etc. without any restriction!

Free download Napster to iPod converter:

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Hi, Barbara. Please contact our support team to get this fixed. http://support.aimersoft.com/
I keep getting "Authorization timeout" in the Conversion Progress column. It is trying to get the rights from napster. How do I go around this? I have over 1,000 songs!
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, thanks for your interest in our products. In this case, you can launch Aimersoft DRM media converter to use. It has been upgrade to fix some bugs and well compatible with Windows 8.
It isn't working. It is trying to find the rights and I am getting Authorization timeout!
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