The Easiest Way to Record Video from Browser

Get this easy way on how to record video from browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE and maintain its original quality.

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Many of times when you you’re browsing and you come across a video clip you really like. It might be a funny clip, music clip or anything. You just feel that you can’t continue browsing without first recording the clip. But the real problem comes when you don’t know how to record video from browser and maintain its original quality. Have you ever found yourself in such a situation? If yes, you have every reason to smile right now. Why? Because you’ve just fallen into the right hands. In this post, you are going to learn some detailed information on how to record browser video.

How to Record Video from Browser Safari, Chrome or Firefox

Here we introduce iTube HD Video Downloader as a browser video recorder. It is a program specially designed to help you record all your browser videos at a lightning speed. What’s more, the recorded video maintains original quality. After recording, it allows you to save the video into your preferred format (mind you, it supports loads of formats). See what makes iTube HD Video Downloader a great program to use to record video from a browser:

iTube HD Video Downloader - Your Best Browser video Recorder

  • Automatic detection of the video playing in your browser - this makes it completely easy to record a browser video in just a single click and save you more time.
  • It supports direct conversion of the recorded video in your preferred format. This have been made possible by the “Download then Convert” button which allows you to specify the format you’d like to save your video before you even start recording it.
  • Batch recording of videos in a browser is also possible with this software. Imagine recording a whole channel, list or playlist of your favorite videos!
  • A more unique and superior feature of iTube HD Video Downloader is its ability to shut down after the recording process is over. You don’t have to worry about your computer finishing the recording process and sitting there idle and consuming power freely.

Steps to Record Videos from Your Browser with iTube HD Video Downloader

Step 1. Run the browser video recorder

First download the video recorder and install it on your computer. And then run the program. This will take you to the program’s main interface. Open the "Record" tab and click the “Record” button, and you will see the following recording window.

record video from browser

Step 2. Record video on browser directly

Now, turn to your browser and start playing the video you’d like to record. You can drag and slide the frame of the recording window to confirm the video screen you want. Or you can customize the video recording screen in the “Capture Area” by manually.

how to record browser video

Step 3. Recording Browser Video

Click the "REC" button to start the browser video recording. You can stop and save the video by clicking the “Stop” button or click the Ctrl+F6.

how to record browser video

Step 4. Find The Recorded Browser Video

The recorded video will be saved in the “Record” menu. You can convert the recorded browser videos on the "Convert" Tab if it is neccessary.

how to record browser video

It’s upon you to choose the recording method that appeals to you when using iTube HD Video Downloader to record video from browser. All in all, you’ll end with a high quality video that you can save into your computer using your preferred format method.

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