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1080P YouTube Downloader - Download YouTube 1080P HD Videos

The most popular web video sharing website, YouTube, offers millions of HD 1080P videos, TV shows, movie trailers, educational videos, etc. for entertainment and learning. However, YouTube itself doesn't provide a way to download 1080P YouTube videos. That means you can only enjoy those high quality 1080P videos when you have access to the Internet. That's probably why there are so many people like you are looking for ways to download YouTube 1080P videos so that they can keep the video and view them later, edit the videos in some video editing apps or whatsoever. Then how to download 1080P videos from YouTube on Mac OS X (including OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.9 Mavericks)? Let's find it out here.

To download YouTube 1080P HD videos on Mac, you need Aimersoft YouTube Downloader for Mac, a perfect 1080P YouTube downloader for Mac. With it, you can download HD 1080P video files from YouTube with a single click: click the Download button to save the video to your Mac. Right now, click the button below to download the program and follow the tips to grab HD videos from YouTube with ease. 

If you're using Windows, please download the equivalent Windows version - Aimersoft Youtube Downloader for Win , which works well in Windows 8/7/XP/Vista.)

Get 1080P YouTube Downloader:

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How to download 1080P videos from YouTube on Mac OS X

The first step is to get 1080P YouTube videos is to find the video you would like to download: Go to YouTube and search to find the video. Then launch the YouTube video downloader. The software main interface is as below:

download youtube 1080p

And now you're ready to start the YouTube 1080P download in any of the following 3 ways:

1. Click the Download button that appears on the top right of the video when you move your mouse there, choose 1080P and the program will start downloading the video automatically. (The Download extension is compatible with Safari 6.0 and above, Firefox 15.0 and above, Chrome 22.0 and above.)

youtube 1080p download

2. Drag the video URL to the program to download the selected YouTube video by URL.

3. Copy the URL address in the web browser and click Paste URL to grab the YouTube video.

Tips: For Method 2 and Method 3, you need to first set your preferences by clicking YouTube Downloader > Preference > General > Desired Video Quality > 1080P. By setting this, the program will download the 1080P video by default.

youtube downloader 1080p

Now you've successfully downloaded the HD 1080P video from YouTube to your Mac. However, most downloaded YouTube videos are in FLV format and can't be played on popular portable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and more. In case you would like to watch them on the go, here are some tips that you can squeeze more from YouTube high definition videos.

The program comes with a video converter that lets you convert YouTube 1080P videos to other formats. After downloading, click Downloaded > choose the video clip you want to convert > select a format from the output format list > click OK to convert the YouTube video to suit your needs.

download 1080p youtube videos

Below is a video tutorial on how to download YouTube 1080P videos:

Download YouTube Downloader 1080P:

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HI its jonny, Thnx Maria for suggesting and guiding us nicely, love u dear
Does this still work?
So annoying to have to go online to watch high resolution videos on Youtube as sometimes I don't have Wifi access. Since downloading the Youtube Downloader for Mac, that's not a problem anymore as I can simply download all the 1080p videos I want and watch on my Mac even when I'm offline or convert to a device of choice including the iPod.
i' m glad to hear that.
thank you I love you
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, you can set the resolution as you like before start downloading videos.
Aimersoft Employee
Hi, you can choose the resolution each time you download the videos. Or you can set the resolution for every videos downloaded in the Preferences settings.
So it doesn't come in 1080P unless I check the box and change that setting? Or is it the type where you change it once and then don't have to mess with it any more?
I haven't bought a smart tv yet so this will come in handy. Every time I try to watch a higher quality video it comes out as a smaller picture. Will this cure that?
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