The Fastest Way to Download YouTube Videos for Free

Here we would like to share the easiest and fastest way to download YouTube video for free. Click to see how to free download videos from YouTube faster.

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We all love YouTube music and videos from our favorite artists as they are funny and entertaining. Do you wish that you could download YouTube videos free from the internet for times when you don’t have an internet connection? If yes, let us tell you something really exciting. It is possible to download YouTube videos fully absolutely free. Here we would like to share the easiest and fastest way to download YouTube videos free.

Part 1. The Fastest Way to Download YouTube Videos for Free

There are few free YouTube video downloaders that allow you to download YouTube videos for free fast and easily. One such faster YouTube video downloader is Free YouTube Downloader. This program offers the easiest and fastest way to download YouTube Videos for free.

Free YouTube Downloader - Download Videos from YouTube for Free

  • Free download YouTube videos in a single click by detecting the videos you are playing on your browser automatically or with URL.
  • Support to download the entire YouTube category, channel or playlist desired thereby ensuring a convenient and enjoyable downloading experience.
  • Directly transfer downloaded YouTube videos to your mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets to enjoy anywhere.
  • Built with a media player which allows to play the downloaded YouTube within this fastest YouTube video downloader.

How to Free Download Videos from YouTube Faster

Step 1. Download and install this YouTube downloader

First, download the YouTube video downloader. The installation process of this program is very easy with the help of built-in installation wizard. Then launch the program.

fastest way to free download youtube videos

Step 2. Start to free download YouTube videos

Whether using Firefox, Safari or Chrome browser, open YouTube and find the video you want. After opening the video, it will automatically be detected on the webpage, and you will see a “Download” icon appear at the top left corner of the selected video. Click the button to download videos from YouTube for free.

fastest way to download from youtube

Alternatively, you can download YouTube videos faster by pasting the video URL to the YouTube downloader. You can also drag the URL of the video and drop it on the program dock icon to commence the downloading process.

how to download youtube videos faster

Part 2. Fast Ways to Download YouTube Videos Free Online

Other than Free YouTube Downloader, there are other online video downloader sites that enhance download of high-quality YouTube videos. The sites are mostly recommended due to their convenience, ease of use and speed. However, they also have their cons. The following are some of the top sites you can consider using.

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One of the most popular and instant tools of downloading video from YouTube is Dovideo. The site allows you to download YouTube video free online, and supports over 50 sites such as DailyMotion, Twitch.TV, and Facebook among others by just copy pasting the URL of the video on the Dovideo and clicking “Download”. This site is preferred by many users due to its ability to download videos in High Definition faster. Furthermore, the program can fetch multiple download links in diverse formats. Nonetheless, there are concerns about the program when downloading long-length videos as it takes long to process and most times the servers may fail. The Dovideo virus also may make users skeptical about the safety of its use as some users have reported changes in their network settings when using it.

the fastest way to download youtube videos

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SaveVid is another highly credited free online YouTube video downloader. The program is very easy to use as it only requires copy pasting the URL of the preferred video on the program and a direct download link is obtained. SaveVid allows you to watch all your interesting videos by categorizing them and providing their direct download link. Furthermore, you can download trending online videos in multiple formats. The problem with this program though is the safety issue due to the SaveVid virus that is reposnsible for adware infection as a result of the numerous pop-up advertisements.

fast way to download from youtube

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CatchVideo is a Java-based alternative YouTube Video Download application that supports free download of videos mainly from DailyMotion and YouTube. To download the video you want, you only need to click “Catch” on your preferred video link, and that’s all. The site allows for easy and fast video downloading experience in multiple formats. However, the program has been noted to be relatively unstable and may take very long to download videos or even fail. The security is also a matter of concern due to the pop-up ads that keep appearing on the site.

fastest way to download youtube

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VideoGrabber is a free YouTube video downloader that allows for easy downloading of videos from YouTube free and other video sharing sites such as, or blip.Tv. The downloading process is an easy copy paste of the URL procedure. The program prides in providing other important video tools such as video converter and screen recorder among others. Nevertheless, the program has limited functionality for Mac as currently, there is no video grabber Mac version.

faster way to download youtube

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ClipConverter is a favorite tool to most users when it comes to free YouTube video downloaders. The downloading process is easy as you only need to copy the video URL of your preferred video from YouTube and paste it on the program. Then click “Download” and you will see the video availed for you for download. This program also allows you to download videos in different formats such as 3GP, MP4, and HD. The problem with this program is the infection of the network with malware. Instead of getting the HD file you expect, you may get the .exe file that can infect your computer with a virus.

fastest way to download youtube

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