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iTunes Top Movies - Best and Cheap iTunes Movies to Watch

Are you looking for an easy way to organize and enjoy the movies that you already have? Then, iTunes movies are the best option, because with iTunes you are able to save all your movies in one place. This gives you an advantage when you want to watch a movie and at the same time iTunes movies also make your work easier, instead of going from stacks of CDs all you have to do is import the movies that you want into iTunes and then browse the whole collection. After you have browsed the collection, you can now organize it any way that you prefer and store it on your computer or any other device. When you want to watch any movie from that collection, it is easier to get the movie and watch it any time you want.

iTunes movies are of a great quality and because of this they are becoming popular. You can be able to navigate and organize iTunes movies that you have stored on your computer; it does not matter whether the movies were filmed at home, whether you have watched them or if they were made professionally. You can even be able to share iTunes movies with other users in your network. Without doubt, iTunes movies are just the best.

Part 1. Best iTunes Movies - Top 10 Movies on iTunes that You Can't Miss

1. Jackass 3

Jackass 3

Part of what makes the movie a worthy sequel is its brilliant foul use of three-dimensional technology. The movie has immoral stunts, which are hilarious, Jackass 3 is unique, there is a part that you see a guy vomit as well as dodge his puke while wearing plastic shades that are cheap. Where else do you get to watch something of this nature apart from in this movie? Johnny Knoxville disobeys when it comes to his own crushed genitals and shattered bones. The movie is on iTunes and you download it and store it on your computer. Jackass 3 is a must watch because it is very interesting.

2. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love

The movie is amazing as it combines multiple love stories with genuine laughs. This makes the final product undeniably the best. In this movie love beams with exceptional acting talents, all the actors bring out their role as it should be. The movie’s central character, who is a man that has become single recently, awkwardly looks for ways to make waves in the dating world. Steve Carell gives his best performance in this movie he is touching and funny. Crazy, Stupid, Love is available on iTunes and you can download the full length movie. If you have never watched this movie, it is time you downloaded it and watch it.

3. Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go is a Will Ferrell movie with laughs, at a first glance the movie is off putting. The gags are nowhere to be seen. There is just Ferrell playing as a normal person, the film is all about how guys cope with devils such as domestic fallout and alcoholism. A man known as Ron Burgundy acts very well and plays a role that is self effacing, vulnerable as well as down on his luck. What charms most is how Ferrell handles all the facets like a boss. Everything Must Go is the funnyman’s best acting and is available on iTunes for you to download.

4. A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

This movie has the fun loving as well as danger prone potheads’ adventure. A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is very interesting and popular too. The movie utilizes its 3D technology better than any other movie. This technology makes the movie to be of a very high quality, it is available on iTunes and you can download, save it on your computer and watch it at the comfort of your home anytime you want. A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is a hard R rated comedy and does not lose its offensive and so far good-natured laughs. The movie is very good and is worth watching.

5. The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

This movie begins as Peeta Mellark and Kantiss Everdeen return home after they had won the 74th hunger games. They safely return to district 12 and this victory means that they have to turn around their lives and leave their close friends and family. The two tributes embark on a tour around the other districts. The movie is an American fiction adventure and was produced 2013, hunger games is very interesting and took the prize for the best film during the MTV movie awards. Kantis and Petta also got an award for best female as well as male performance. The hunger games is a movie that you cannot afford to miss.

6. Delivery Man

Delivery Man

This movie is a heartwarming comedy, Vince Vughn (David Wozanick) who is an under achiever learns that he is an overachiever because he has fathered 533 children. He did this via donation that was made twenty years earlier. He then discovers that this shock might be that the best that has ever happened in his life. This discovery enables him to discover his true self as well as the father he could become. Delivery Man is a feel good movie, it is interesting and really delivers. Cobie Smulders and Chris Pratt are also starring they compete with bonus materials as well as the behind the scenes footage.

7. The Pirate Fairy

The Pirate Fairy

The Pirate Fairy comes from the world of Peter pan. The movie is about a swashbuckling adventure, it is about Zarina, who is a smart and an ambitious dust keeper. Blue Pixie Dust as well as its endless possibilities captivates her. Zarina’s wild ideas get her into trouble, when this happens, she flees Pixie Hollow and makes up her mind to join forces with the pirates of Skull Rock, the pirates make her captain of their ship. Her friends and Tinker Bell are forced to embark on an epic adventure, they go sword by sword to find Zarina. The movie is full of magic, laughter as well as thrills of The Pirate Fairy.

8. Ride Along

Ride Along

A High school security guard named Ben has shown James, who is a decorative detective wants to prove that he is more than a video game junkie and is worth of James’ sister. Ben is lucky and is accepted into the police academy, James then invites him on a ride that is designed to scare him and demonstrate if he is going to be able to take care of his sister. The wild night leads them to a notorious criminal; James finds out that his new partner is very dangerous. The movie is interesting and an action packed comedy, Ride Along is full of gig thrills as well as even bigger laughs.

9. The Nut Job

The Nut Job

This movie features the star talents of Gabriel Iglesias, Brendan Fraser, Jeff Dunham, Maya Rudolph, Liam Nelson and Katherine Heigl. The Nut Job is an action packed comedy; Surly is a mischievous squirrel that has a mission to find the tastiest nuts. He then discovers a whole store that is filled with his favorite food. Surly plans a heist of proportions that are nutrageous. Unfortunately, the place turns out to be owned by bank robbers who are ruthless. Therefore, it is now up to Surly together with his furry friends to stop the robbers and save the town. The movie is great and is for kids of all ages.

10. Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips

This movie is a multilayered examination of the U.S. Container, which was hijacked in the year 2009 by a crew of the Somali pirates. The film is based on a true story and focuses on the Alabama's commanding officer named Captain Richard Philips. Tom Hank and muse who is the Somali pirate captain as well his crew target the unarmed ship. Both of these men are going to find themselves at the mercy of forces, which are beyond their control. The story line is so interesting from the start until the end and the good news is that this movie is readily available on iTunes for you to download and watch it whenever you please.

Part 2. Top Rated Cheap Movies on iTunes to Buy or Rent

1. The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street

This movie is based on a true story; the movie is all about money, sex, drugs and power. The story is outrageous and is from legendary filmmaker known as Martin Scorsese. The movie is a masterpiece for a new generation. A young stockbroker who is hungry for life rises to power and earns himself through hard work and dedication the title The Wolf of Wall Street. He manages to do this in an environment where corruption is king. Leonardo DiCaprio delivers this role, and it is the best performance of his acting career. The movie is an absolute blast from the moment it starts until the end.

2. Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine

The movie centers around Jasmine, she is a former New York socialite who is going through an emotional period in her life. Jasmine is forced by circumstances to move from the east coast where she used to live. She moves into her sister’s apartment in Francisco and tries very hard to balance her troubled past and a fresh start. She has dreams of reclaiming her past life, which was fun and full of glamour, but still she has to accept the new limitation that she has in her new life. Jasmine really goes through a hard time and battles between fantasy and reality.

3. Frozen


In this movie, Anna who is a fearless optimist teams up with a rugged mountain man who is known as Kristoff as well as his loyal reindeer Sven. Together they go on an epic journey to find Elsa, who is Anna’s sister. She has icy powers, which have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle. The powers have caused the kingdom to experience eternal winter. When on this journey they encounter mystical trolls, Everest conditions as well as a hilarious snowman. However, they keep going because they know that they cannot afford to give up. The movie is interesting all through until the end.

4. American Hustle

American Hustle

The movie tells a story of a con man named Irving Risenfield who is very brilliant, along with his seductive and cunning British partner is forced to work for a FB agent. The agent pushes them into a dangerous world mafia and Jersey power brokers. A passionate and volatile man who is a political operator is caught between the Feds as well as the con artists. Irving’s wife could be the one to pull the threads, which are going to bring the entire world crashing down .The movie defies genre, life as well as death stakes and hinging on raw emotions.

5. Saving Mr. Banks

Saving Mr. Banks

Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks brings to life an untold story. The story is all about the origins of one of the Disney classics that is most treasured of all time. This acclaimed film is directed by John Lee Hancock, the movie relives the back-story behind the making of Mary Poppins, which is very surprising. Walter Disney (Hanks) is determined to fulfill a promise to his daughter, he tries for 20 years to obtain the rights to author (Thompson) P.L Travers’ beloved book. Walt makes every effort to impress but unfortunately, Travers is uncompromising and does not budge. When Walt reaches into his complicated childhood, he realizes the truth about the ghosts.

6. The Machine

The Machine

The basic theme of this movie is good and it has some good action sequence. The machine is a dark as well as a stylish sci-fi thriller, it has clear nodes to Blade runner regarding a scientific genius who has mixed feelings. The genius tries to make the perfect android for females; a secret government military program is funding him. Caity Lotz’s acting is superb she is actually a good actor and you are definitely going to enjoy the movie. Most part of this movie is dark and dreary, but as the machine comes to the end, it is no longer dark in fact the movie ends with sunshine.

7. Joe


Joe is a hard living ex con; he is a unique role model. He meets a 15-year-old boy who is troubled and homeless. The boy is named Tye Sheridan and he desperately needs help. Joe is going through a difficult time in his life and is faced with a heartbreaking choice of ruins or redemption. The story line is gripping and this keeps you interested from the start to the end. Nic Cage (Joe) is a good and talented actor; he performs greatly in this movie. The movie is a must watch and the good news is that it is now readily available on iTunes.

8. Anchorman 2

Anchorman 2

Ron Burgundy is an actor in this movie, he is back and this time round funnier than ever. After he has lost his job to his wife, Ron decides to resemble the news team and prepares himself to go against a new rival. The movie is among the funniest, it is available on iTunes and you can download it from there and watch it anytime you want. Watch Anchorman 2 and get to know whether the world greatest Anchorman is going to be crushed underneath the weight his own ego; this is a movie where anything goes. It is very interesting and a must watch, Anchorman 2 is a movie that you cannot afford to miss.

9. The Hobbit

The Hobbit

This movie is going to definitely blow you away. Peter Jackson goes on with his middle earth adventure; he follows Bilbo Baggins, who has been swept into an epic quest. The quest is all about reclaiming the lost dwarf kingdom from the dragon Smaug who is very fearsome. Bilbo enters the lonely mountains in the company of thirteen dwarfs as well as the wizard Gandalf. He possesses his keen blade and Gollum’s precious ring. The Hobbit is an exciting movie, the action sequence is well shot. This makes the movie even more interesting. The movie is available on iTunes, you can download it, save it on your computer and watch it during your free time.

10. August: Osage County

August: Osage County

The movie is a dark, hilarious as well as a deeply touching story. August: Osage County is about the strong willed women that belong to the Weston family. Their lives had diverged, but a family crisis brought them back to the Oklahoma house that they all grew up in as well as the dysfunctional woman that raised them. In this movie, great actors display the worst experience that humans can possibly go through. The movie is great and available on iTunes for you to download and watch anytime that you please. August: Osage County is a movie worth watching and the actors perform very well.

Part 3. Easy Steps for Downloading Movies from iTunes

Step 1

Open iTunes application on your computer and then click Go to the iTunes Store. You can then browse the directory of movies that are on iTunes.

Step 2

Once you choose a movie, click on the movie and you will see the offer options both the rent and buy button (located on the right side of the interface).

Step 3

After deciding the offer to go for click the Rent or Buy button. Your movie will be subsequently downloaded in iTunes library.

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