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How to Import and Edit iTunes Music/Video in Windows Movie Maker

As we know, purchased movies and music from iTunes store are usually locked by Apple's FairPlay DRM protection (Music bought after 2009 are DRM-free). Due to the DRM protection, these videos and music can't be played or edited in non-Apple products. Of course, Windows Movie Maker is no exception! Is there any way to edit the downloaded iTunes music, video movies or TV episodes in Windows Movie Maker? Since Windows Movie Maker can't recognize iTunes music and video, it is not able to directly edit media files downloaded from iTunes in this program. However, there is still method to figure this out. Read on to get the solution.

Part 1. Import iTunes to Windows Movie Maker for Editing

Windows Movie Maker supports editing MP3/WMA/WAV music and WMV/AVI/MPG video format, while iTunes offers music in AAC (DRM-protected MP4, non-DRM M4A) and video movie in MOV or DRM-protected M4V. For this reason, to import video/music downloaded from iTunes to Windows Movie Maker, you need to remove DRM protection from iTunes music/video first and then convert them to Windows Movie Maker supported format. To do this, you need the help of a third party DRM converter. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is a brilliant iTunes DRM removal that can easily strip DRM protection from any DRM protected files purchased from iTunes as well as Amazon Kindle Fire, Zune, PS3, etc. and then convert them to popular video/audio format like AVI, WMV, MP3 and many more. This program is easy to handle and you can finish the DRM removing process in three simple steps.

How to remove DRM and convert formats of iTunes video files

Add iTunes video and audio files

Free download this iTunes DRM protection removal, install and run it on your computer. This program is well compatible with Windows operating system (Windows 8 included). Then click the Add button to load your target iTunes files. You can also directly drag and drop iTunes music and videos to the program.

Choose output video/audio format

For iTunes M4V video files, please click Video files to and choose WMV from Common Video as the output video format. For iTunes M4P songs, please click Audio files to and select WMA as the output format.

Start converting iTunes files for Windows Movie Maker

After finishing the output setting, back to the main window, click the Start button to begin the conversion process. The conversion duration depends on source files size. After the conversion, open Windows Movie Maker and click Add Video to import the converted videos. And then you can start making your movie with ease.

Part 2. Edit iTunes Videos with iTunes Editor

Aimersoft Video Editor is not only multi-functional video editing software with rich features, but also an excellent tool for editing iTunes. It can not only meet your basic editing needs like trim, crop, merge, split and etc, but also offer you a lot of unique features such as cool effects, diverse transitions to touch up your video. Furthermore, even if you're a novice who hasn't edited any video before, you can also quickly and easily handle this.

This handy software almost has no limit on video formats. AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, JPG, BMP, MP3, WMA and more media formats are well supported. Besides serving as a professional video editing software, this awesome program is also a brilliant converter. You can either save your video in its original format or convert it into other popular format in the output stage.

How to edit iTunes videos with Aimersoft Video Editor

Add video files to the program

Open the program and load your iTunes videos to the media library. You can simply click Import or drag and drop the video files from your local computer to the User's Album. All the videos you have successfully added will be displayed in the media library.

Edit your iTunes video with rich features

Highlight the video you want to edit and drag it to the timeline panel. By clicking the Edit button, you can change the playback speed of your video, rotate videos horizontally or vertically to correct viewing position, crop videos to remove black margins and so on. By right clicking on the target video, you can split big videos into smaller clips, detaching audio from the original video and etc. The buttons above timeline panel allow you to add transition, Intro/Credit, text and special effects to video.

Save the final video

In the Preview window, you can check the effects after editing. If you have got what you want, click Export to save your video. To save the new file to your local computer, just click Format and rename the file. You can also save the video in another format, if needed. If you prefer to watch it in your portable devices like iPad, smartphones, PSP and etc, click Device to export it. Besides, this program also offers you another two ways for publishing your videos: sharing it directly on YouTube or Facebook by clicking the YouTube or Facebook tab and logging in; Burning to DVD disc by clicking DVD.

Video Tutorial on How to Edit iTunes Videos

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Brian Sinclair
What would you say are the minimum system requirements to use this iTunes to windows movie maker program? I currently have a quad-core Q6600 with a Radeon HD 7970 and I am hoping that will be good enough to convert video relatively quickly without freezing issues or anything like that.
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