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How to Remove DRM from WMV Video

Many people purchased and downloaded some WMV videos from online music store but found them are all DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected and can not be easily shared with family and friends for burn to DVD for better backup. Therefore, how to remove WMV DRM from protected WMV videos has been concerned by many people.

If you are just one of those who want to get rid of the WMV DRM protection, don't miss this article! There are many DRM WMV removal software. Among them, Aimersoft DRM remover, which makes excellent performance in Windows-based computer (Windows 8 included), is the best one. It is a legal, fast and handy DRM remover to remove DRM protection from WMV video files and also help you convert DRM protected WMV to any unprotected video formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, etc. as you like.

Free download WMV DRM remover:

Download Windows Version

Get the all-in-one WMV DRM removal and converter and play WMV anywhere you like and share the WMV videos with family and friends as you like.

How to strip WMV DRM

1 Add WMV files

Load protected WMV files or videos by clicking the Add button, and it can automatically detect the DRM files.

Remove DRM WMV

2 Select output format

Select an output format which you preferred for your converted DRM WMV. Click the Video files to and choose WMV from the Common Video. If you have other needs, you also can choose other formats as your output format.

best DRM removal WMV

3 Start to convert protected WMV

Select a proper path by clicking the Browse button and then tap the Start button to begin converting the protected WMV videos. Then you can enjoy the converted WMV videos in the way you like.

Here is the video tutorial on removing DRM from WMV:

Free download WMV DRM remover:

Download Windows Version

Tips about WMV files

WMV files are video files that are commonly used by Windows-based machines. If you intend to play this file on a computer system using a different platform, below are some tricks and tips that you may want to know.

1. WMV means Windows Media Video file. As such, it is a movie file that you can view using a compatible media player. On a Windows computer, it is a native, executable file. And because of its rather compact size, it can easily be downloaded, sent, or emailed over the Internet. However, be sure that you're obtaining these files from a reputable source as it may feign a virus.

2. WMV files may be protected with DRM. If this is the case, remove the DRM first before the file can be converted and played by the different online, portable, or system-installed media players.

3. For Mac OS X computers, the best way to play a WMV file is to install a universal media player software like VLC or a player-converter combo software like Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

4. WMV is not compatible with the iPod. If you want to use this file for such a device, it would have to be converted first.

5. The file size of a WMV file can be further compressed by using a feature-rich video converter software like the Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate. To do that, simply adjust the encoder, resolution, bitrate, and the frame rate of the original WMV file to that of a lower value. Some software can even do this automatically so the file can be played on most portable devices.

6. The best way to handle a WMV file is to convert it first to a universal file format such as the MP4. This way, it can be handled by all operating systems, including mobile phones and devices.

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Hi, I have Win 8 64bit, 8 GB RAM, CPU I5-2500K Quadcore@3,3Ghz but the parallel option is greyed out, any idea why is that?
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Hi. You can convert wmv video for 30fps or choose to keep the original frame rate.
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Hi. Please click Option > Processing > Capture Size > Keep Original. Then select an HD format as the output format.
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Hi, Erick. Thanks for your feedback. This problem will be solved in the next update.
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