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How to Burn BBC iPlayer Downloaded Programs to DVD

BBC iPlayer has offered lots of interesting TV shows for downloading. However, the downloaded BBC iPlayer programs are locked with Microsoft's "Play for Sure" DRM copy protection and will expire 30 days after downloading. What's worse, once you start viewing them, the files will expire after 7 days. How if you want to keep the BBC iPlayer downloaded programs forever so that you can view that anytime you like? Well, one way is to burn BBC iPlayer downloaded WMV files to DVD.

Since BBC iPlayer downloads are protected by DRM, to burn iPlayer to DVD, you will need to remove DRM from BBC iPlayer WMV files and then burn the DRM-free files to DVD. To finish these two tasks, there is a quick and easy way: using Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate, an all-in-one DRM removal and DVD burner. With it, you will be able to convert iPlayer to DVD with ease. Now just download this BBC iPlayer DVD burner and follow the step-by-step guide below to burn DRM-ed BBC iPlayer WMV to DVD for playing on your home DVD player and TV.

Download BBC iPlayer to DVD Burner:

Download Windows Version

How to burn BBC iPlayer downloads to DVD

1Add downloaded BBC iPlayer videos

The software interface is as below. Click Burn and import the BBC iPlayer video files by either clicking the Add Files button or dragging and dropping.

burn iplayer to dvd

2Select the output settings and start to burn

Next, choose a DVD menu template and customize it to make it unique. Meanwhile, adjust the output settings like Label, Quality, Aspect Ratio, etc. After that, click the Burn button to start burning the videos to DVD disc or save as DVD folder/ISO image files. (The program will remove the DRM protection from BBC iPlayer programs automatically during burning process.)

convert iplayer to dvd

Below is the video tutorial on how to burn BBC iPlayer downloads to DVD

Download Windows Version

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