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How to Burn Wii Games with ImgBurn for Free

Do you want to know how to download and burn Wii games for free? Don't miss this article, which shows you how to download Wii games and burn Wii games to DVD with ImgBurn for free!

Part 1. Download Wii games

Choose the Wii games you want to download first(It's suggested that it should be a game that you already own.). There are many sites where you can download Wii games, for instance, http://www.wiiso.com. Just search for the Wii games you want to download and then use some downloading tools such as uTorrent, rapidshare, megashare, etc. Downloaded Wii games usually are in .iso file format.

After you have downloaded the Wii game ISO file, now follow part 2 to burn it onto a DVD with ImgBurn for free.

Part 2. Burn Wii ISO with ImgBurn for free

First, make sure you have ImgBurn installed on your computer. If not, download and install it. Note that if your downloaded Wii game is in the compressed form, you should extract it to ISO first with Winrar.

Now launch ImgBurn and insert a blank DVD disc into your DVD drive. On the main interface of ImgBurn, choose "Write image file to disc" and in the pop up Window, click Browser for a file button looks like a folder in the column labeled "Source, please select a source" to locate the Wii ISO image file you want to burn and click Open to add the file for burning. To ensure the success of the burning, "Verify" is highly recommended. And on the right bottom, choose the writing speed for the burning. Then all is done.

burn wii with imgburn

You can just simply click the "Burn" icon to start copying Wii games to DVD disc. Just wait for the burning to be done. Once finished, ImgBurn will show a Window saying "Operation Successfully Succeeded.".

Tips: ImgBurn can help you burn lots of image files to DVD disc. However, it cannot burn popular videos to DVD, such as WMV, AVI, FLV, MP4, MOV, MKV, MPG, etc. videos. If you have some videos and want to burn them to DVD for playback on DVD players and TV, you can use Aimersoft Best DVD Burner, which can help you burn all popular videos to DVD with personalized DVD menus.

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no spaces will make it work just use these like i did ex: Dragon_Ball_Z.iso
In order for this to work, you need to change the hardware of your Wii (very risky) or install ConsoleMod onto the Wii (expensive).
it does't work
For saving your discs, it is necessary to tell you it does not work. Do not waste your discs.
A wii won't just read a backup disc out of the box. You have to softmod your wii and install a backup loader. This isn't difficult but it is time consuming. There are very good tutorials all over the internets. Good luck.
Did anyone complete this successfully ? Wii keeps telling me cannot read the disk ....Thanks
I did this, put it in my Wii, and it didn't work. Said it couldn't read the disc.... help? should there not be any spaces in the file name? (Just Dance 3.iso is what I tried)
OY Paul>>>>>>>>    its better to write in 4x speed. anything higher usually corrupts the disc.
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