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How to Convert or Burn uTorrent Movies to DVD

uTorrentThere is no denying the fact that if you happen to be a hard core movie buff, you download a lot of movies from the internet and that means you also need tons of space on your drive. Well, your hard drive has limited space, right? So, most of the people just feel comfortable burning all those movies onto a disc. That files that you download are in formats like: AVI, RMVB, MPG, MOV, MKV, along with the HD ones like MTS, TS M2TS, HD MKV, HD MOV & HD WMV. So obviously you want to burn all these movies securely onto a disc so that you can save them for life.

And your search ends with DVD maker, an all in one versatile solution for your entire DVD burning needs and you also get tutorial on how to go about doing it well. These tutorials help you with tools like Ares, BitTorrent, LimeWire, Rapidshare, BitComet, TiVo, FrostWire, Hulu, eMule, etc.)

How to burn uTorrent videos to DVD with ease

1 Get and install the DVD converter

Launch the setup once you have downloaded the DVD converter and at the same time, you can also insert a blank DVD in your drive for burning the videos.

Download Windows  Version Download Mac Version

2 Import the uTorrent movies

Once the tool has been successfully installed you can run the program & click on the import button. The import button will help you load up videos and pictures with two panes. The left one shows the thumbnails and the right one shows the video you want to play.

Convert uTorrent movies to DVD

3 Convert uTorrent movies to DVD

Once all the importing has been done, you can fiddle around with a few options. These options will typically help you in things like aspect ratios, screen sizes and the resolution in which you wish to burn. You could also choose the output to disc option to burn the DVD and once all has been done, you can click on the burn option. Apart from this DVD converter also gives you the freedom to crop, resize and do some editing as well along with watermarks and these can all be customized. Once you are done with the burning process, you can enjoy the movie easily on your TV with the DVD.

Download Windows  Version Download Mac Version

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