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How to Burn CD/DVD using Windows Media Player for Free

If you have thousands of songs downloaded or purchased on your computer and want to burn some of your favorite songs to CDs so that you can play them on some CD players on your cars, home room, etc. you can follow this article to learn how to burn CD with Windows Media Player. There are many programs can help you burn CDs, but Windows Media Player is probably the easiest and it’s free!

Before you start to use the Windows Media Player burn function, you need to know what kind of CD/DVD it can burn. Windows Media Player can burn audio CD, data CD and audio DVD. So never try to burn videos to DVD using Windows Media Player. If you want to burn videos to DVD, please turn to Aimersoft video burning software, a professional DVD burner software to burn all videos, photos with background music to DVD with fast burning speed and high quality.

Now follow the easy steps below to burn audio CD, data CD/DVD with Windows Media Player for free.

How to burn CD/DVD with Windows Media Player

First, make sure you have Windows Media Player (10 or above version is recommended). If not, please go to Microsoft official website to download it and then follow the wizard to install it.

1. Now just insert a CD/DVD to your computer drive. If "Autoplay" appears, please close it. Then launch Windows Media Player and click the Burn button. You will now be able to select the songs you want to burn to the CD. You can open the music folder on your computer and click and drag the songs you want to burn to the Burn List. When you are adding songs to the list, a number will show on the bottom right showing how much time is left on the CD and just remember not to exceed the time.

2. Simply click "Start burn" to start burning CD/DVD with Windows Media Player when you feel the burning list is OK. And just wait for the burning process to be finished.

At the beginning, we have talked about what types of discs Windows Media Player can burn. Now have a better understanding of them to make sure you choose the right burning type according to your needs.

windows media player burn

About audio CD, data CD and data DVD

You can click the Add title button and choose one or more desired videos from your computer for DVD authoring. All added videos will be displayed on the video displaying area.

Audio CD: Audio CD can store up to 80 minutes music (Music only). If you want to get custom CDs for playback on your car or home stereo, audio CD will be perfect.

Data CD: Data CD can store music, pictures and videos. It can be played on computers and some CD and DVD players. Data CD is great for backing up media files. Just note when playing data CDs, the device must support the file types that you add to the disc.

Data DVD: Data CD is used when your files are too large to store on a single data CD. The same as data CD, data DVD can store music, pictures and videos, but with a capacity six more times than data CD. It can be played on computers and some DVD players and the players must support the file types you add the DVD disc.

As have been mentioned above, Windows Media Player cannot help you burn DVD-video. If you have got some videos to burn for playback on any standard DVD player, you can have a try of Aimersoft DVD movie burning software.

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