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How to Change DVD Booktype (Bitsetting) with ImgBurn

Sometimes you may find your DVD discs cannot be recognized by your DVD players. This sometimes is because of DVD booktype/bitsettings compatibility. This article will tell you some knowledge about DVD disc booktype/bitsetting and introduce an easy and fast way to change DVD booktype – change DVD booktype with ImgBurn for free.

Part 1. About Booktype (Bitsetting) and changing Booktype (Bitsetting)

Booktype (Bitsetting) is a four bits field existed at the start of every DVD to indicate the physical format of the DVD disc. This field is called "Book Type Field". A DVD player or drive will identify what kind of disc is loaded by the "Book Type Field". Possible values of the Book Type Field are as below:

change booktype

There may be many reasons why you want to change DVD booktype or bitsetting. But it's mainly because of the compatibility. If the DVD player or drive is manufactured before the book type was defined and unable to read the booktype of the disc. For example, DVD players made before mid-2004 cannot read the new DVD+R DL booktype. So if you want to burn DVD or copy DVD for playback on a particular DVD player, you'd better change it to DVD-ROM so that it can be played with older DVD players and some game consoles like Xbox and PS2.

Part 2. How to change booktype with ImgBurn

Of course there are many programs can help you change DVD booktypes. But why not use a free booktype converter? ImgBurn is a free DVD burning software for Windows with the booktype converting function. Now just follow the tips below to use ImgBurn to change booktype.

First, make sure you have installed ImgBurn. If not, download it from http://www.imgburn.com/. Launch ImgBurn and choose "Write files/folders to disc" or click Mode and choose Build to set to the Build Mode. And then click "Device" tab. Here you will get some details about the present DVD drive and the inserted DVD disc. You don't need to pay much attention to this. Just click the small Book icon to open the Change Book Type window.

booktype dvd

In this window, you can choose the manufacturers of the DVD drive. If you don't know what brand name your drive belongs to, you can click Advanced for help. If manufacturer of your drive is LG, then click LG and you will have some choices:

dvd booktype

Change For: Change For gives you the option to choose what kind of media you want to change the Booktype for. Just check your disc and make sure you select the right one. Generally speaking, you can change for DVD+R, DVD+R DL or DVD+RW.

Current Setting: Once you set the "Change For" field, ImgBurn will tell you automatically what the drive has the booktype for a certain media. For example, if you choose DVD+RW media, Current Settings will show "Normal", indicating that a DVD+RW disc will have the bitsetting of a DVD+RW drive.

New Setting: Here make sure DVD-ROM is selected so that you can burn DVD for playback on and DVD player.

When you finished the settings, click "Change" to start the booktype converting and after successful booktype changing, click "OK".

Tips: ImgBurn is only available for Windows. If you want to burn DVD for playback on any DVD player, you can use Aimersoft Mac DVD creation software - a professional DVD burner to burn DVD from all regular video and photo formats like AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, FLV, VOB, WMV, MOD, TOD, JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc. with good-looking DVD menu templates.

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