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ImgBurn for Linux and Free Alternative to ImgBurn on Linux

1. ImgBurn for Linux

ImgBurn is generally considered as the most powerful free DVD burning software for Windows. It comes with so many advanced options to help you read disc to image file, create ISO image file from DVD folder and DVD discs, burn ISO to DVD discs, etc. ImgBurn well supports Windows 95/98/Me/ NT4/2000/ XP/2003/ Vista/2008/7 (including all the 64-bit versions). To run ImgBurn on Linux, you need Wine. You can install Wine and run winecfg. Click Autodetect on the drives tab and select Windows XP as the OS. Then just run ImgBurn.

Tips: Wine is a free application that allows Windows programs to run on Unix-like operating systems, such as Linux, BSD, Solaries, etc.

2. Free alternative to ImgBurn on Linux

Though ImgBurn for Linux is a great tool to burn DVDs, there are some free Linux DVD burners that can be seen as the ImgBurn for Linux alternatives. Here we will introduce another two great free DVD burning software for Linux: K3b and Brasero.

ImgBurn for Linux alternative 1: K3b

imgburn for linux

K3b is a free CD and DVD burner for the KDE desktop environment for Unix-like computer operating systems. It can burn data CDs/DVDs, create audio CDs, rip audio CDs and video DVDs. It can also help you copy disc to disc directly.

ImgBurn for Linux alternative 2. Brasero

imgburn linux alternative

Brasero is a free and easy to use CD or DVD burning tool for the Gnome desktop environment. With well support for different CD or DVD formats and disk images, Brasero is great for burning data CD's or music. Besides, you can use it to erase rewritable disks. Brasero comes with many unique features that make it perfect to meet your burning needs. Key features of Brasero include: 1. Check your disc integrity. 2. Create, copy and burn your image files. 3. Create SVCD, video DVD, audio CD and data CD. 4. Save project for later burning. 5. Friendly interface makes it easy to finish your burning process.

Tips: In Linux, KDE and Gnome are the two main desktop environments. Brasero is built for Gnome while K3B is for KDE. But you can also use both of them in both environments if you want. Generally speaking, K3B have more features than Brasero. But for those who just have the basic needs, Brasero will be the best free Linux CD/DVD burning software.

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