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How to Convert XviD Video to iTunes Acceptable Format

What if you would like to add your XviD videos to iTunes to manage better or transfer them to play on Apple products? You might be looking for a way to convert XviD to iTunes compatible formats. If so, the information below will tell you do this easily without hassles.

XviD is actually a video codec library that is said to be the fastest code for MPEG 4. It follows MPEG-4 standard or MPEG-4 Part 2 ASP or Advanced Simple Profile. It is possible to use it on all operating systems and platforms for which you can compile source code.

Why convert XviD to iTunes

Xvid and DivX files are normally long compressed videos with high quality details, but they have a drawback because they are usually not compatible with other media software applications such as iTunes. If you have a library full of downloaded files with Xvid or DivX code, you would need to download some other codecs or software to watch them in most cases. What’s more, you will need to convert them to other formats to play the files in iTunes.

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate tool is recommended here to help you resolve all of these issues in order to manage and play Xvid/DivX video files in iTunes. It can convert VxiD to iTunes acceptable MOV, MP4, M4V format as you wish. Also, it lets you directly convert XviD videos to iPhone, iPad or many some other mobile devices playable format without altering any video quality. Since Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is specially designed for Windows (Windows 8), if you are using a Mac, just make use of Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac, which is suitable with Mac OS X (Mountain Lion).

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to convert XviD to iTunes

With Aimersoft XviD to iTunes converter, you can convert any videos formats with a few simple clicks. No codec knowledge is needed. This converter will do all for you. Follow the steps below to start converting XviD files now:

1 Load video files to the converter

The first step is to download the converter and then install and run it on your computer. After that, you will be able to import the files to the program. You will see an Add Files button on top of the program that you can click to import the XviD files. You can also load files by dragging and dropping them directly to the interface.

convert xvid to itunes

2Choose iTunes acceptable format for output files

Next, you should select a friendly iTunes format for the output files. M4V is one of the supported iTunes format with the H.264 codec, which means that you can use this as an example. Click on the format image to get the pop-up window with the Output Format. You can choose M4V format and then H.264. Note that you would have to set these options for each video if you are importing multiple files for conversion. This program will apply similar settings automatically to the video files.

xvid to itunes converter

3 Begin XviD to iTunes conversion

When all the settings are in place, you can press the Convert button to start the process of converting Xvid/DivX to iTunes. After doing this, the program will complete the necessary tasks and you can watch the conversion progress to know when the process ends.

Once you convert XviD to iTunes, you should launch the iTunes and click on the File button, then the Add File to Library option to find the output folder in order to import the output files. You could also choose the Add Folder to Library button to add the output folder.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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