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MOD File Extension


  • MOD Format

MOD simply means module and it is a file format that is mostly used to contain music files. However, it was later on developed to be used for videos as well. MOD was developed in 1987 by Karsten Obarski for the Ultimate Soundtracker, which is a software intended for the Amiga computer. As an audio file, MOD supports simultaneous playback of up to 31 instruments on 32 channels.

Right now, MOD files are video files that are produced by a handful of commercial camcorders. Canon, Panasonic, and JVC use this file format in creating the output video created with their device. MOD video files follow parameters of their own and have to be handled more specifically when playing back or editing.

  • MOD Codec

Windows machines trying to use MOD files would require an updated set of codecs in order to run them. The most common codecs that are missing on Windows computers for MOD video playback are the AC3 audio codecs. Download and install them accordingly in order to handle MOD files properly.

For a Macintosh or Apple computer, the DVCPRO codec are needed to correctly play and edit MOD files. Download and install these codecs as necessary. However, if the file plays without errors on the computer, this step may be skipped.

  • How to Play MOD in Windows/Mac

MOD files are not native or easily playable on both Mac and PC computers. While the easiest solution may seem to be downloading a compatible player or converting the MOD file into a more popular format, many users have tried to simply rename the extension of these files from MOD to MPG. It will then work on either the Windows Media Player or the QuickTime Media Player. However, there are many instances that the video will seem distorted and the sound won’t be good. Here is where the converter software will prove to be essential. Furthermore, proper conversion is required when editing MOD files, as the renamed version simply won’t work in such a mode.

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