3 Ways to Split a YouTube Video to Short Clips

One cannot deny the fact that YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world. You can find videos of every genre on this site, but unfortunately most of them are created and uploaded by amateurs. This means that there are times when you might have to find ways to make the videos more attractive after downloading them. When faced with this problem, a great YouTube Splitter will help you to edit the videos in the most effective way. Filmora Video Editor is such an awesome software application that you can use.

This smart tool let you split YouTube files as many as you want without ruining the original picture quality. When you are splitting the videos, you can delete the unwanted sections and only keep the parts you need. The intuitive interface and multi-tracks design allow you to precisely clip the videos with only one click. The video editor is more than a YouTube video splitter so you can make the most of all the available features. In addition to splitting YouTube videos, you can not only fine tune your videos by rotating, cropping, adjusting the speed and brightness, combining multiple videos to create a longer one or trim and to remove certain segments, but also touch up video clips with special effects, text, transitions, sounds, picture-in-picture effects and much more.

This article will introduce you three efficient solutions to separate YouTube videos into pieces. Now follow the tutorial below to accomplish your task.

How to Split YouTube Videos with Online YouTube Splitter

split youtube online

Steps for cutting YouTube videos with YouTube Video Editor

YouTube.com also provides you users with an online video editor. With it, your clips can be cut into portions. After uploading your video, you can click the Scissors icon and then move the snip marker to where you want to snip the clip. But bear in mind that you can only split your video with an Internet connection. And the functions provided may not fully meet your editing requirements. Moreover, when uploading your videos to YouTube for editing, the site will compress your video automatically and thus result in poor picture quality.

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