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Split FLV Files Easily and Fast on Windows/Mac

If you want to upload your FLV video to YouTube, you may be told that the video is too large. When you try to send a long FLV movie to your friend via email, the same situation may happen as well. At this moment, splitting FLV files will be the best solution. But to complete the task, you need to seek help from a brilliant FLV video joiner.

Aimersoft Video Editor is exactly the powerful tool that you need to draw support from, which empowers you to easily split a large FLV video into small pieces, cut out the parts you don't want to preserve or extract any tidbit you are interested in. The task can be done at fast speed. And the picture quality of the output video is well retained. Moreover, separate tracks for video and audio enable you to split your files with accuracy. The interface is so easy-to-use that any newbie will understand how to work with it in an instant. Besides FLV, this program also reads and writes other popular video and audio formats, like MP4, AVI, VOB, 3GP, MOV, M4V WMA, WAV, AAC, MP3 etc.

In addition to FLV splitting, you can also expect more from this all-in-one program. For example, you can make your videos more attractive by applying special effects and filters, identifying the creator by adding personalized watermarks and more. Just download the program and follow the steps below. You‘ll be surprised by its wonderful features.

Download FLV Splitter:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to split a FLV file

If you are a Mac user, please get FLV Splitter for Mac. The way to divide FLV files on Mac is the same. Here we just take Windows (Including Windows 8) version as an example.

1Import the FLV files

First, run the program and click the Import button on the top of the User's Album to load your file. Or you can also directly drag the file from local folder to the program. Then you'll see the added FLV video in the User’s Album (The area beside the Preview window).

Divide flv video

2Break large FLV file into pieces

Next, drag the target file from User's Album to the Timeline panel below. In this area, you can split the file into small clips precisely. To split the file into two, you can drag the playback indicator to the spot where you want to start cutting and then click the Split button. If you'd like to cut the file into more pieces, you can simply repeat the operation.

Split flv files

To cut off a segment in the middle, you can move the playback indicator to the beginning and the ending points of the segment and respectively click the Split button at these two spots. Then you can export the section only or remove it from the video.

3Save and share your file

Click Create to open the Output window. Here you are able to save the video clip to local folder in FLV format or any other formats you like, or export the file to mobile devices for later watching. Besides, this program can also help you upload your video to YouTube and Facebook from the application or burn to DVD. After you have tweaked the settings, you need to click Create again to generate the new file.

FLV video splitter

Since you have clipped the large FLV file into small pieces, you can share them online or send them via email in an easy way.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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