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How to Easily Split WMV Files on Windows/Mac

Sometimes we want to split a long movie scene by scene or just get a part from the movie, so we need to find an easy-to-use and powerful video splitter. Aimersoft Video Editor is exactly an effective WMV Video Splitter to solve this problem, which enables you to split WMV videos quickly and precisely and keeps the original quality of the videos. In addition to WMV, this tool supports almost all the video and audio formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, ASF, MPG, WMA, OGG, MP3, etc.

Download WMV Splitter:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

The video editor has many brilliant features. With its help, you are able to easily compile your videos with options like trim, crop, rotate, merge and more. And you can also optimize the video with personalized background music, provided special effects, animated transitions, image and text watermarks etc. What’s more, this program even lets you convert files between all popular video formats.

Getting interested now? Just have a try, its multiple functions will surprise you. Please download the program first and then follow the guide below, you’ll find out how to split WMV files easily. If you are a Mac user, please download Aimersoft Video Editor for Mac (Mavericks). The steps are the same. Here we just take the Windows (Including Windows 8) version as an example.

Steps for splitting WMV files on Windows/Mac

1Add the WMV files

After running the program, you need to drag the files from the local computer to the program. Alternatively, you can also click the Import button to load your WMV files. The added files will be displayed as thumbnails in the User's Album.

split flv files

2Split the WMV files

Next, drag the target video from the User's Album to the Timeline below. Then move the Playback Indicator to the place where you want to separate the video and click the Split button. The video will be immediately split into two. You can then click the Delete button to remove the unwanted scenes and only keep the segments you like.

split flv

3Output the video

Lastly, click Create to activate the Output interface. Here you are offered five channels to output your videos:

  • Click Device to export the video to the portable device;
  • Click Format to save the video to the local hard drive in any format you like;
  • Click YouTube to upload the video from the application;
  • Click Facebook to republish the video on Facebook;
  • Click DVD to burn the video to a DVD to watch on TV.

After you have made the decision, click Create again to generate the video.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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