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How to Split AVI into Multiple Files in Windows/Mac

AVI Format container typically uses less compression so it retains picture quality to great extents. But at the same time, videos with AVI format usually have large file size, which bring users a lot of trouble in sharing and storing. For example, sometimes you want to send an AVI video to your friend through Internet, but the video is so large that it takes a long time to send. It really drives you crazy, right? At this moment, splitting AVI files will get around the problem. If you want to quickly slice an AVI file into multiple pieces without degrading the quality of the original videos, Aimersoft Video Editor will be a perfect tool for you.

This software is equipped with excellent splitting function, which lets you split a large AVI video into small clips in an instant. And it will not do harm to the quality of the original videos. With its help, you are free to split the video into as many clips as you like. At the same time, you are able to remove any unwanted fragments or compile the videos as you wish. All the tasks can be completed by simple clicks and drag-n-drop.

In addition to AVI, this application also supports many other formats, including MP4, WMV, MOV, MKV, FLV, ASF, MPG, etc. It has many other brilliant functions as well. With it, you can turn videos to different angles, remove the black borders around the files, make the videos brighter or darker, and convert files between all popular video formats and so on. And the abundant effects enable you to turn your videos to wonderful movies. Now, download video editor and follow the tutorial as below.

Download AVI Splitter:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to split an AVI file (Windows screenshots)

If you are a Mac user, please download AVI Splitter for Mac, and do the similar steps as below.

1Import the AVI file

The initial step is to import the AVI file that you wish to split. To do this, you can click the Import button or directly drag the video from local computer to the program. The added file will appear in the User's Album.

Load target files

2Break AVI video into pieces

Next, you need to drag the video from the User's Album to the Timeline panel. Move the playback indicator to the spot where you want to separate the video and click the Split button above the video track. Then your video will be split into two items. You can split the video into as many items as you want by repeating the above operation. After splitting, you can re-organize videos after removing unwanted ones, and also export to new format.

Split AVI file

3Compile your video (Optional)

You can also compile the video before splitting. For example, you can move one video in front of the other to change the playback order. If you want to do more basic editing, you can double click on the clip to open the Edit box, where you are offered options for rotation, flip, crop and more. What's more, you are free to click different tabs above the Timeline panel to add effects, transitions, text etc. to your video.

Edit AVI file

4Export the video

Click Create to choose your favorite way of output. There are four options available:

  • Device: export the video to portable device like iPhone, iPad, smartphones, game devices, etc;
  • Format: save the video to local computer in AVI format or any other format you like;
  • YouTube/Facebook: directly publish the video to YouTube or Facebook from the application;
  • DVD: burn the video to a DVD disc to watch on TV.

Export AVI videos

Once you have made the choice, please click Create again to re-publish AVI videos to desired formats with only the content you want.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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