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How to Merge Several VOB Files into One in Windows/Mac

If you have preserved movies from DVD, you will find that the movie is divided into multiple parts with switches which are not smooth for watching. Encountering this situation, you might be looking for a way to merge VOB videos in order to play them in a hassle-free manner without any interruption. Well, you are in luck as there are some good-quality programs available to help you complete this task in no time.

Aimersoft Video Editor is highly recommended here as the professional program for integrating VOB files. With simple drag and drop and a few clicks, your videos will be automatically merged together following the sequence of playback defined by you. This smart tool can perform this task quickly whilst maintaining the original video quality. In addition, it also provides a variety of transition effects, enabling you to further touch up your video.

Besides merging, this program can completely suit your various editing requirements. No matter you want to process your video with basic functions like trim, crop, rotate and more, or further personalize it with attention-grabbing effects or filters and etc, you can rely on Video Editor. It will never let you down.

Download video editor:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to merge VOB files into one

The following steps will help you to combine VOB video files in your Windows computer. If you are a Mac user, you can download the VOB Merger for Mac and use the same guide if necessary.

1Import the files to the program

After launching the program on your computer, you need to add your VOB files by clicking Import. Or you can also directly drag the videos to the program. All the added files will be listed in the User's Album.

Import vob videos

2Put VOB video clips together

The output file is going to be combined based on the video track's sequence, so you'd better orderly drag the videos from media library to the Timeline panel. If you want to rearrange the video sequence in the video track, simply left click and hold on each clip to put it in the desired place.

Combine avi files

Tips: You are free to personalize video clips before publishing. Double click on the video to open the Edit box. Here various editing options are offered, which include rotate, contrast/saturation/brightness/hue adjustment, speed-alteration and crop.

3Add transition effects (Optional)

Adding transition effects is an effective way to enhance videos. Click the Transition button above the Timeline panel to open the transition library, where more than fifty effects are for you to choose from. All you have to do is drag the preferred effect to the scene in between two video clips.

Insert transitions

Note: To alter the default length of each transition, you can double click on the transition to set the duration time.

4Export the integrated files

When you are done with personalization, please click Create to activate the Output interface. With the four options for output, you are able to save the final result in a local folder, transfer to a mobile device, upload to YouTube site or burn directly to a DVD.

Select one way that suits your needs best and click Create again to start the process of merging.

With this powerful program on hand, you are able to watch connecting video clips and enhance your entertainment.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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Playing VOB files is a major pain in the butt. They're slow to load because they're huge and most players are not built to play them as raw files. So you always have to access the VOB files in DVD players, but who nowadays has patience to wait 60 seconds just for the player to boot up. The best way to watch VOB files is to merge them and watch them as one big file, so you don't have t switch around different files to get to the scene you want to watch. Merging VOB files with aimersoft was easy and fast. I use this all the time.
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