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How to Mix MP4 Videos into One without Recompression

MP4 file format is used most commonly to store digital audios/videos which you can find easily everywhere. In addition, most of the video clips captured by mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, DV/DC and other types of cell phones are used mainly in the MP4 format. If you have files in this format, there will be times when you might need to mix MP4 files with other audio or video files. In this article, you can find out how to mix your MP4 files easily and quickly with other video format files.

Due to the small size of the MP4 format, most of the videos will be divided into multiple sections. If you love to download your favorite TV movies or episodes from the internet, you will be disappointed with the small clips. Another scenario would be if you want to share some videos that were captured during your holiday trip. In any of these cases, a very good MP4 Mixer (MP4 Mixer for Mac) will help you to combine the video clips for better viewing. Aimersoft Video Editor is a great program that you can use as a mixer for your MP4 files.

Download MP4 Mixer:

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This MP4 audio mixer has many user-friendly features and is designed to support nearly any popular audio and video format. You can use this program to mix all your MP4 video files with AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, MTS, MOV, M2TS, MP3, AAC, MPEG and much more. It can carry out this mixing task without interfering with your audio and video quality. Besides that, it comes with a lot of amazing features that will make it easy for you to retouch the videos. Read on to find out more about mixing your MP4s.

How to combine MP4 videos into one

1Add the videos to the program

Launch the Amerisoft Video Editor and click the Import button on the main interface to find and add the files. You also have another option of directly dragging and dropping the files from the computer to the program. Once they are added, you will see the files in the User's album.

mix mp4 videos

2Start combining MP4 clips into one file

To start the mixing, you can drag all the video files that you need to combine from the User's Album to the Timeline Panel. After that, you can arrange the files in the playing order that you want. When you are ready to mix your MP4 files, you can right click on the desired clips and choose the options that you want.

combine mp4 files together

3Output the combined file

After everything is done, you can click Create to choose a situable way to out your video. You are able to save the video in the local folder with the original format or any format you like, export to portable devices to watch later, upload to YouTube and Facebook from the application and burn to DVD to watch on TV through a DVD player.

merge mp4 files

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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