Create a Green Screen (Chroma Key) Video All By Youself

Part 1. About Green Screen Effect

A green screen effect is also known as chroma key. This special effect offers a quick as well as an easy removal of the background. After the removal, any background image that a person may want replaces it. This technique usually makes people to look like they are in a particular place, while in real sense they are not. What happens is the subject is filmed against a background that is plain. The background is usually either green or blue, it is later replaced with a background of any place that the subject needs to appear like they have gone.

This technology is the basis of the effects that you see from the latest Hollywood blockbusters and also to the weather forecast. With green screen effect, superimposing anyone as well as anything into a shot becomes so simple. It even makes it possible for a person to appear in his or her favorite movie, transport yourself to the moon or even makes a presentation and do it along with all the relevant facts as well as figures. If you want, you can also use any single color that you want.

green screen effect

Part 2. Record a Green Screen Video by Yourself

1) Things need to be prepared:

* A regular camera
* Software (iMovie)
* Backdrop cloth
* Lighting (optional).

2) Shoot a video with green background

Hang the backdrop on the wall, your subject will have to stand close to the backdrop as they possibly can and not cast a shadow. Ensure that the gesture they make are not too broad, because if any part of their body that is aimed on extends past the backdrop, it is going to look like it is cut off on the final video. Download a software that equipped with green screen effect like iMovie.

Use a camera that shoots HD quality video and also it should be able to save files in a format that your green screen software is going to be able to import. After shooting click through video in order to see the details, then watch in the large player in HD. Tweak the settings a bit for some few minutes so that you can remove the background. If you have trouble, doing this there is a need to upgrade your lighting. Because the more the lighting the better the effect.

chroma key

3) Apply Green Screen Effect with iMovie

In order for you to be able to apply the green screen effect with iMovie there are some steps that you need to follow:
Step 1: open iMovie and click on the make a new project option;
Step 2: open the preference as well as select show advanced tools. When you do this, it will allow you to be able to use the green/blue screen effect;
Step 3: it is now time for to take some footage in front of that screen. Make sure that the screen as well as the subject is evenly lightened. Light is a very important factor in this process;
Step 4: drag the background video or image and then go ahead and drag the green screen video on the top. You can select the green or blue screen; it all depends on what you used. It is possible to drag the green screen footage to where you want it to start;
Step 5: watch the video and see if it has appeared like you wanted it to, because the procedure is finished. If the video is not the way you want, make some adjustments, which are very easy because of the green screen.

green screen

Part 3. Benefits of Using the Green Screen Effect

Shooting your shots against a green screen provides good creative options that can be used in post production and also has several benefits. Below are some of the benefits of using a green screen.

1) Portability

The portability of this effect is actually very helpful. When you have the subject and you get the hang of lighting, it is a quick and easy set up. Because it makes it possible for you to take the subject anywhere, all is needed is for the client to have a room that is big enough. In case the room is not big, you can go ahead and rent a conference at a hotel that is nearby.

2) Flexibility

This effect provides flexibility when it comes to dealing with multiple locations. With green screen, you do not have to develop a set in different locations of an office. Green screen adds consistency if it happens that one office is better looking than another is.

3) Consistency

Green screen blocks out the ambient light when shooting. This means that there will be no need for you to adjust for the change in sunlight. As lighting is concerned green screen is very good, unless you want to swap out the backgrounds for different people.

4) Time-Saving

With green screen, it only takes an hour to set up as well as tear down a set. You can also be able to avoid wandering around an office in an effort to look for props or colorful elements that you could add to a background. If you are a person that is very busy and has an entire day that is full of interviews, then green screen could be very helpful to you.

5) Extended Usability

It is a lot more easier to revisit a project in the future as well as get to update any changes that the company branding might have done, if you had used green screen while shooting all your interviews. In addition, it is very possible to shoot extra interviews and incorporate them with so much ease into the existing video.

6) Branding

You can add colors, texture as well as other branding elements in a background so that you can be able to make a video stand out. It is even possible to modify any video in case the brand of an organization has been changed. This means that you will not have to get rid of any good material, all you have to do is just swap out the background in order to be in line with the brand that you want to.

The green screen effect is a technique that is used heavily because it is very effective. Many fields require it to remove background from a video or a photo the industries that need this technique more are news casting, video game as well as motion picture. Green screen offers the most natural and effective way to integrate any content that you want to show with a human. This content includes screen videos, presentation slides, screen shots, animated elements or photos. Green screen allows you to blend them easily.

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