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How to Convert Hi8 Tapes to DVD

Video Hi8 (short for High-Band Video8) is a popular format for videotape camcorders since the year of 1985. However, now you may find yourself with stacks of Hi8 tapes that can't easily play and view and want to burn Hi8 video to DVD for playing on your home DVD player or TV.

Convert Hi8 to DVD

To convert Hi8 video tapes to DVD, you will need the help of a professional DVD burning software program. Here DVD Creator is highly recommended to help you achieve your task. With it, you can burn Hi8 video files to DVD disc with custom DVD menu templates. Besides, it can also create DVD from all popular video formats, including MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, AVI, WMV, etc. Now download the program and follow the guide below to perform converting Hi8 files to DVD. If you are a Mac user and want to convert Hi8 to DVD on Mac (Lion), please turn to DVD Creator for Mac.

Download Hi8 to DVD Burner:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

How to convert Hi8 video to DVD

1 Transfer Hi8 video to your computer's hard drive

Connect the camcorder to your computer with firewire cable. You will probably need a firewire card if you do not have a firewire facility on your PC.

You can use Window Movie Maker as a video capture application to convert Hi8 tapes to AVI files: 1. In the Movie Tasks pane, select Capture Video; 2. Click Capture from Video Device; 3. On the Video Capture Device page, select Available Devices and click your DV camera; 4. Follow the prompts to name and save your captured video file. In this way, you've saved Hi8 video onto your computer's hard drive in AVI or WMV format.

2 Add Hi8 videos to the DVD Creator

Select/drag the Hi8 file into the main interface of DVD Creator. You could check the video size on the measure bar on the bottom. Make sure it doesn't exceed the total DVD capacity.

transfer Hi8 to DVD

3 Choose a DVD menu

Click "Menu Template" to select a DVD menu. You can also customize your DVD menu such as add text, background music and background image etc.

4 Start burning

When all the settings are OK, insert a writable DVD disc into your computer's DVD-ROM and click "Burn" to start converting Hi8 video to DVD.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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OK, thanks... just plug and play and select camera sounded too easy. I suspected as much - only I presume you have a Mac or other Apple (ie. firewire) and I do not so I am inferring that i use the same format and software only with a usb port. thank you.
Hi. Firstly, you need to install video capture software on your laptop. And your laptop must have a FireWire serial bus connection. Besides, you also need an analog-to-digital converter to connect your laptop to the camera. Next, connect the A/V and FireWire cables to the right places. Then start the video capture software and the converter, and begin playing the video in the camcorder and then import the video with the video capture software.
you sorta skipped over how to get the video output from the hi 8 camera connected to the laptop...which kinda roadblocks me - do i need a vhs video cap to usb device?
Hi, M Hall. You can click the last button under the Preview window to set the resolution of the output file.There are three options for you to choose: Fit to disc, Standard, and High quality.
A blue-ray recorder could be used the same way and may even 'upscale' the resolution too?
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