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How to Set ImgBurn Layer Break Position Properly

"I want to create a double layer ISO with ImgBurn for burning onto a dual layer DVD. Can anyone tell me how to set ImgBurn layer break?" We often hear this.

How to set the layer break when creating dual layer ISO image files using ImgBurn? This article will tell you how to select the proper ImgBurn layer break position. Just follow it.

How to set ImgBurn layer break

First, you should have an ISO image file aimed to be burned onto a dual layer DVD. You can create ISO files with with ImgBurn by choosing "Create image file from files/folders". Launch ImgBurn and load files.

Now simply click the calculator button on the right to calculate the ISO image file size. If you don't want to set we recommend that you check the auto setting if you do not want to manually check the size, you can tick Auto at the beginning. When you add some files, ImgBurn will automatically analyze the output ISO image size.

imgburn layer break

Click the Folder to Image icon on the left and you will see a window as below. Click Yes to continue.

layer break imgburn

Then you will get the Create Layer Break Position window to split your DVD to dual layer ISO files. If you don't want to set the layer break position, you can just click "Ignore Layer Break Option" to skip it. As the below picture shows, in the A section, you can check the colored start to make the layer break position.

image burn layer break

Note that Seamless mode is often chosen to make sure it is dependent on a DVD player and no annoying pause will occur.

When you finished the settings, click "OK" to start creating double layer ISO image file with ImgBurn. Then you can burn the ISO to a dual layer DVD discs effortlessly.

Tips: ImgBurn can help you create ISO images files from DVD discs in an easy way. However, if a DVD is copy protected, you cannot rely on ImgBurn since it cannot deal with the DVD copy protection. If you have some commercial DVD movies and want to make copies of your favorite DVD movies for backup, you can use Aimersoft DVD Copy, which can help you copy and backup all DVD movies to DVD disc, DVD Folder or ISO image files bypassing DVD CSS, RC and RCE protection. And for commercial DVD movies, if you want to rip them to videos for watching on any portable devices, you can turn to Aimersoft DVD Ripper.

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