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How to Convert Film (8MM, 16MM, 35MM etc.) to DVD

What's DVR-MS and how to convert it?

If you still have bunch of Family Home Videos, 35MM slides, 16MM, 8MM or Super 8MM movies (silent or sound). Why not transfer and convert your old Family treasures onto Digital Video tape or DVD discs. It sounds too hard to do it but you will change your mind after reading this converting film to DVD guide.

Convert Film to DVD

Principle of converting film to DVD

The idea is that we recording what projector are playing on screen with a digital camcorder, and then transfer the video from camcorder to your computer and burn film to DVD Disc. It's simple, without too much advance knowledge. You can do it by yourself.

Convert Film to DVD

1. Turn of the light while playing the film.
2. Connecting audio port with cable between projector and camcorder for better audio result
3. If your films are downloaded from internet, you can burn it to DVD directly as follow.

After you transferred the video from camcorder to computer, we start to convert film to DVD with a smart DVD creator software called DVD Creator. Here is how:

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

1 Download DVD creator and install it

Once you've downloaded DVD Creator, follow the wizard to finish the installation. insert a blank DVD onto the rewritable DVD-ROM on your computer. Make sure the DVD-ROM have writing and recording functions.

2 Import files

Now, we need to import film files that need to be burned onto a DVD. Select/drag the film file into the main interface of D DVD creator. You could check the video size on the measure bar on the bottom. Make sure the space doesn't exceed the total DVD capacity.

Convert Film to DVD

Previewing film video

Just for make sure everything goes as your plan you could have a video preview before burning it to DVD.

4 Convert film to DVD

Now you can convert to DVD disk. Go to set TV Standard (PAL/NTSC) on "Setting" option and output Aspect Ratio (4:3/16:9) on "DVD setting bar". Click "Burn" and then select your DVD drive (if you have more than one DVD drive on PC) and Click "Start" to burn your project.

Convert Film to DVD

Tips: The volume of DVD use is shown on the bottom side. You can select DVD type of "D5" or "D9". If the video size is exceed the DVD capability you can reduce it by setting output quality. E.g. select "high quality" instead of "Best performance"

That it, with DVD Creator you can convert film to DVD and make your own DVD menu by yourself. It's easier and faster than other ways. Moreover, the application also support other common Movie files like AVCHD from Camera, AVI, WMV MPEG MOV MKV, etc, and is fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 (DVD Creator Mac version is also available here). Now, just enjoy watching your own made film videos on home DVD player or backup them as permanent collection.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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