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How to Transfer JVC to Computer and Convert JVC Video to DVD

JVC camcorder is one of the best camcorders. It can create amazing videos, which helps you store the excellent memory of life. You can easily transfer JVC videos from your camcorder to computer. However, it's not that easy to edit JVC videos, let alone converting JVC video to DVD. To burn JVC to DVD, one way is to convert JVC MOD/TOD to other video formats like VOB and then burn the video files to DVD. However, the video quality will be lost during the conversion.

convert JVC to DVD

Here we recommend a DVD burner, which allows you to burn MOD/TOD videos from JVC camcorders to DVD with ease.

1 Get DVD Creator

Once have the JVC videos transferred to your computer, all you need is a DVD video burner that supports MOD and TOD format. Please free download here:

Download Windows Version   Download Mac Version

If you have ang Mac running Mac OS X (Mountain Lion included), please download Mac version and go to the detailed tutorial of DVD Creator for Mac >>

2 Load JVC videos

Click the "Import" button to load JVC camcorder videos to the program. The added videos will display in thumbnails and you can preview them on the right.

convert JVC video to DVD

3 Edit JVC MOD/TOD videos

A built-in video editor is provided for you to personalize your videos before burning them onto DVD disc. Choose and select a video clip and click Edit to customize your videos by trimming, cropping, adjusting video effects, etc. to achieve a better overall effect.

4 Convert JVC camcorder video to DVD

Now you're ready to burn these JVC camcorder videos to DVD. Click Burn to start burning JVC video files to DVD. Before the burning process, of course you can define the output parameters: you can choose DVD disc, DVD folder or ISO file as the export format. And you can also change the DVD name, aspect ratio, TV standard, etc.

Below is a video tutorial on how to convert JVC videos to DVD:

Download Windows Version   Download Mac Version

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