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How to Transfer Camcorder Video to Computer

So here is the thing: you have taken all of this great camcorder footage of your kids, your dogs and your Harley Davidson. Now you want to somehow get this footage on to your PC or even convert camcorder video to DVD. This article not only shows you how to transfer camcorder video to computer, but also tells you a great way to convert camcorder video to DVD.

How to Transfer Video from Camcorder to PC

1 Install a video capture device

Once you have your device installed, you will be informed what cables to hook up from your camcorder or VHS to the device before transferring the camcorder videos.

2 Run video capture software

Now that you have your capture equipment installed, and connected your camcorder or video source to the capture device. Your device should have come with video capturing software. So run this software. Once inside you might have to tell it what device you are going to use for the video source. If all went well during the installation of the hardware then in the setup properties for the software you should be able to locate the source capture device. Select it and then continue.

3 Transfer camcorder video to computer

Now most of these software packages once connected to the capture device have a capture page this is where you are going to, YEP you guessed it CAPTURE the video. You can normally leave the rest of the capture settings default unless you have some special needs on the format you wish to save the video as. Click on the capture option of your software and press the play button if necessary on your camcorder or video source. The software will now begin to capture your video and save it to your computer.

Camcorder to PC

How to Transfer Video from Camcorder to Mac

Connecting a camcorder to a Mac is not very complicated and is not so different than connecting it to a PC, but you must make sure to be informed on how it connection works and how to follow the right steps before actually connecting them.

1 Make sure your camcorder is set to the correct mode for importing photos and videos

2Locate the four-pin FireWire port on your video camcorder.

On most video camcorders, you'll find it located under a plastic or rubber boot. Leave the video camcorder powered off and simply lift up the boot from the camcorder and insert the smaller four-pin end of the FireWire cable into the FireWire port of the camcorder

3Insert the other end of the FireWire cable to Mac.

Insert the other end of the FireWire cable, the larger six pin end, into the FireWire port of your Mac. When both of the cables are connected, you can turn on the power to your video camcorder.

4Transfer video from camcorder to Mac

Your Mac should automatically launch iMovie in a few seconds. Follow the on-screen instructions on your Mac and begin the video transfer from your video camcorder to your Mac.

Camcorder to Mac

Now I believe you can transfer video from you camcorder easily to both your PC and Mac. But if would like to edit and convert camcorder videos to DVD for better saving, please keep reading:

What you need is a DVD burner. Here I strongly recommend Aimersoft DVD burner, which can not only support burning various camcorders like Sony, JVC, etc video to DVD, but also allow you make editing, like cropping, trimming, customizing DVD menu, adjusting video and transition effects to your camcorder videos.

What's more, it has also both Windows and Mac version for this DVD Creator. So if you are a Mac user, and had just transferred your camcorder video to your Mac, you can download Aimersoft Mac DVD creator software and to burn your camcorder videos to DVD on Mac.

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