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How to Convert and Burn Keynote Presentations to DVD

Keynote is an excellent presentation tool that allows you to add media, charts, media, shapes, etc. to your slides. Many people are using Keynote to make presentation for class, trade, exhibition, etc. and presentation sharing is so easy with Keynote since it allows you to email the presentations to family, friends, students, clients, etc.

However, there are stills some occasions when it's hard find a computer and only a DVD player is provided. That means you need to place all the contents of your Keynote presentations onto a DVD disc. In fact, you can easily burn Keynote to DVD for free with iDVD so that you can play the presentation on any standard DVD player. Just follow the guide below.

How to burn Keynote presentations to DVD using iDVD

1. After you finished the presentation editing, click File > Save As, and choose QuickTime Movie as the output file format.

2. If there is no audio contained in your presentation, you can then open iDVD and add the Keynote generated QuickTime movies to iDVD. In iDVD, after you finished making the DVD menus, you can start to burn Keynote presentation to DVD.

3. If the Keynote presentation contains audio, you need to edit it in iMovie first. That's because when you save this kind of Keynote presentations as QuickTime movie file, you will get two separate files: title.mov and title_soundtrack.mov. If you directly burn it with iDVD, the audio will be lost. In order to keep the audio, you can add the audio to the video track in iMovie and then burn iMovie project to DVD.

Here is the way:

1. When exporting QuickTime movies from Keynote, select "Fixed Timing" for playback and "Full Quality Large" for the format setting.

2. Add both .MOV files to iMovie for editing and add audio to the video track.

3. After you finished the editing in iMovie, click "Share" > iDVD to export the movie file to iDVD.

4. Choose the DVD menu in iDVD and burn your presentation with iDVD. For the detailed guide on how to burn iMovie project to DVD, please refer to Burn iMovie to DVD.

Tips: If you are not satisfied with burning DVD with iDVD, you can turn to Aimersoft Best DVD Burner for Mac, which has more features than iDVD and can help you burn MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, M4V, MPG, MPEG, MOD, TOD, etc. to DVD with custom DVD menus. If you want to burn Keynote to DVD in Windows, you can do it with Aimersoft DVD Maker for Windows.

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